Visiting VMV

There are some stores that, upon first impression, look too expensive for our budgets. Sometimes though, it's just really good branding and a smart interior designer! One such brand is VMV Hypoallergenics. I wouldn't say that the products are dirt cheap, but for how effective and nicely packaged (with recycled paper, to boot) they are, I think VMV offers a great bang for your buck. Most products are under P1,500 which in the realm of good skincare is fairly affordable.

Anyway! I managed to drop by the VMV Hypoallergenics store in Powerplant the other day to pick up something. I took a few pictures of products I like / am curious about.

Check this out, VMV's reincarnated foundation! It's the reformulated, re-packaged version of their Skin Savvy Liquid Foundation. I picked a shade (will be reviewing it as soon as I get my bottle!) - for medium skin, looks like W3 is a good match. I'm pretty curious about this one as it has SPF60, but it's still quite watery without the spf-product feel. We'll see.

I've heard a lot of raves about the ID monolaurin gel (blue bottle) but have never tried it. Have you? How was it?

Ahh, this one is a favorite. I really love the Armada line! A lot of SPF products tend to break me out eventually, but Armada is one of the few that doesn't. One bottle is like P900? There are only two other SPF moisturizers that I've tried that doesn't give me pimples, and they are in the P2,000 range. Good but crazy expensive. The Armada moisturizer is a wallet-friendly alternative.

These two products in the Red Better line are amazeballs. The Spot Corrector is super effective in drying up shallow pimples, while the Flare-Up Balm (which I haven't reviewed yet argh) is the enemy of itchiness and irritation. I swear. I get an insect bite that's itchy? The Flare-Up Balm saves the day! I get a rash from a random allergy? F-UB! Skin asthma? F-UB! I know that it's for rosacea, okay, but it's just really super effective on any sort of flare-up.

So there you go. :) VMV has a couple of promos this month, so if ever you need these services, try to catch the discounts!