VMV Hypoallergenics' Holiday Sets

Christmas celebrations will start tomorrow, so you should be done with your gift shopping by now. In case you aren't though, troop to VMV Hypoallergenics to get rescued! They have gorgeous holiday sets available, like this one:  

There are tons of sets out there but I think VMV trumps them all. The packaging is gorgeous - boxes come with tissue and some fluff inside, neatly tied with a grosgrain ribbon accented with mistletoe - plus you get products that your recipient will probably love. It looks expensive (but it's not since one set is on averge P1,500). It's already wrapped. The products of VMV are amazing. 

Everybody wins!

The set I have here is called Merry Goin' Round. It's designed with travel junkies in mind. The box contains a full-sized Armada Sport 70 and lip balm with SPF 60, perfect for those who like being out and about in the sun. This'll be useful during the summer when your giftee is off in an exotic island somewhere - or burning under the summer sun while going to the office, same banana, EVERYONE needs SPF protection!

Will be reviewing these soon, of course. :D In the meantime, do check out the rest of the VMV sets available:

Right click then open image in a new tab to view the full size

Have a happy Christmas! Pray you get one of these, they're totes amazing.