Seven environmentally-friendly beauty brands to support

Don’t you just love it when you discover that your favorite brands not only help you prettify but also work toward a good cause? It makes me happy when a brand makes good products AND actively campaigns for or against different issues. I wanted to add more companies to support to my list, and here are some of the ones I’ve found!

Human Heart Nature


I heart Human Nature products, especially their body soaps! But what I like most is that what they make won’t leave a negative effect on the environment.

The brand also actively promotes general care for the environment. Just a month ago, they held an event called SOS Coastival: A Call to Save Our Seas. It was dubbed the “eco-friendlier version of Laboracay” and aimed to remind people that they can have fun at the beach without having to leave a single trace behind, whether trash or sunscreens that can affect marine life when you swim.

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The Body Shop


Ah, the brand of my teenage years. If you’re around the same age as I am, you’ll know how popular The Body Shop was among teens during the ‘90s til the early 2000s. Their lip and cheek stain was the go-to for girls like us who went to Catholic school, where makeup is a no-no. It was still makeup, but something that could (more or less) pass off as “natural.”

More than the waves of nostalgia that envelope me when I hear any mention of the brand, I love that The Body Shop is comitted to promote awareness of various issues, including ones that involve the environment, since 1986.

Since most of their products are sourced from nature, the brand has promised to give back by creating projects that will improve its current condition. Among their promises are powering 100% of their stores using renewable energy and developing a more sustainable way of producing their packaging.



It’s hard not to notice Lush when you pass by any of its fragrant stores. The scents of their products waft past the doors and demand your attention! They have a wide array of organic, cruelty-free and fair-sourced products, all carefully sourced, formulated and packaged to uphold strict brand standards for an earth-friendly business.

Many of their products (excluding their cream-based ones) often come without packaging. I never really gave much thought to it before, but I’ve learned that it’s because they want to reduce their company’s carbon footprint. They create “naked” and packaging-free products because these are almost always turned to waste.Products that do need packaging are housed in containers made from recycled materials.

Support the brand’s quest for caring for the environment while treating yourself to a good hair wash by trying out a Lush Shampoo Bar.

Burt’s Bees


The Burt’s Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions kit I got from the PV eighth anniversary loot bag was a god-send for dealing with my acne problems. It has been keeping my skin behaved for a couple of months now! But if that’s not enough for me to love the brand, they’ve given me another reason: Burt’s Bees' commitment to sustainability is driven by the motto, “Doing the right thing is the right thing to do.” The packaging are all made from recycled materials, and they have a non-profit arm, which gives grants to programs that research on and promote the conservation of the environment

We've got a lot of love for this brand, so check out our top five picks from Burt's Bees!



Korres's luscious Lip Butters look incredibly good, and they go all out for environment protection, too!

This Greek brand prides itself in using 100% renewable energy in manufacturing its products, and their packaging is 99% recyclable. What they’re most proud of, though, is how they take care of the plants endemic to Greece, which they use in their products. The company created a unique plant extraction unit where they can get 11 derivatives for each herb. What they can’t use are turned into organic soil, which they give to their partner farmers, who will then use them to plant more herbs. A portion of their sales also goes into the funding of Friends of Oak & Nature, an organization which aims to protect the biggest Oak forest in Southern Europe.


Origins may be regarded as one of the OGs of environmentally conscious beauty brands. They are a pioneer in recycling packaging in the US, and their products are sourced from sustainable regions and manufactured by using renewable energy and wind energy.

Apart from that, Origins is also devoted to planting trees. The brand started the project in 2009, and has now planted over 500,000 trees all over the world, including the Philippines! Support their cause and get pretty by trying out their masks. The Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask is a good place to start.

VMV Hypoallergenics

When I first learned that VMV is a Filipino brand, I was surprised. Their minimalist black and white packaging made me think they were a chic cosmeceutical from France! But apart from their well-researched and meticulously-formulated products, their efforts in keeping their business processes safe for the environment are also admirable.

They use LED lights in all their stores. Their packaging is minimal, in order to avoid wastage. Even in the creation of their products, they make sure that nothing goes to waste. By-products from coconut oil, which they use a lot in their offerings, can be safely used to feed fish in fresh flowing rivers. Now that's giving back! If you're interested in supporting this brand, their best-selling Armada Sport 70 sunblock is a cult favorite for reliable and non-sticky sun protection.

I definitely believe in making sure what's good for you is good for the environment as well, and these brands prove that you can create products that are both effective and earth-friendly. Have you tried these brands?  Does your beauty routine involve products or practices that work toward saving the environment?