Treat yo' lips with the Korres Lip Butter

Honestly, it's rare to find a lip balm that totally fails at, you know, moisturizing your lips. Fool-proof ingredients like waxes and butters are easy to source and include in the formula - what can possibly go wrong, right? After a while though they all feel the same to me. Some smell or hydrate a little better, but the main differences lie in the packaging and branding.

That's not the case with the Korres Lip Butter (P704 at Luxola). This feels like a class on its own - creamy, smooth, almost like butter left at room temperature. It doesn't have a hard waxy texture like your typical lip balm. It's quite soft and your finger will leave a dent when you dip in!

It feels like such a treat whenever I apply it. The scent is yummy and sophisticated; it feels like a cushy blanket on my lips. It dries slowly, in two hours, but I like how it doesn't become uncomfortable or greasy in any way.


The color pay-off is quite sheer, non-buildable, and non-staining. I was a little disappointed because the color in the jar looks so bright, but I guess I have more than enough pigmented lip things that I can possibly need in this lifetime anyway. I appreciate having sheer lip balm for when I'm just at home or when I am really, REALLY lazy to spend time on my face before I step out.


The (passable) sheerness aside, I still love using the Korres Lip Butter because it smells great - each one smells just like the name promises - and it hydrates my lips so well! I never have to worry about flaky lips with these hunnies. ;) I recommend this to everyone who has dry lips or just don't like how waxy and hard typical lip balms are. Those who love beautiful but classy scents in their balms would also enjoy these - I love Quince so much! I apply it just so I can smell it sometimes haha.


Korres isn't available in the PH at the moment, but I got these from Luxola. The package arrived within two days (!), just as if I ordered from a local online store. ^_~ Don't forget to use the code LX-LIZ when you check out to get a storewide 25% discount! The balms go for just P525 each with the 25% off.

What do you think? Will you be getting these from Luxola soon?


PS - I don't get any commission when you use that code, FYI. Luxola just wanted to treat Project Vanity readers!