Rave: VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30

I have so many new finds that I'm just bursting to share with you guys! That said, however, I don't want Project Vanity to be a blog that just keeps pushing you to buy things you may not even need. This whole beauty thing is not about getting the hottest products in the market. More than anything, it's about finding, out of the hundreds of products out there, the one that works for you. That's the bottomline.

So yeah, that's why I write about the things I love. :) One of my new favorites is the VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30 (P1,050). This for me is the ideal tinted moisturizer/ BB cream. It makes my skin look healthy ang glowing, with SPF30 to boot!

Texture and oil control. If you love the Armada Face Cover 30 then you'll definitely love Skinangible with the same sun screen properties plus a skin-enhancing tint. It has the same light texture that dries down quickly and doesn't feel sticky. It also would not exacerbate oiliness - in fact, in my case (combination skin), this product helps with oil control! Kinda hard to believe because it looks shiny and wet upon application but it dries down much like a primer would.

Just the Skintangible + concealer

When set with powder on the t-zone, it looks just like glowy skin. If you want heavier coverage, just apply your normal powder foundation and treat Skintangible as a primer + sunscreen.

Coverage and finish. Skintangible has barely any coverage so it comes in one shade that ought to fit all. Still, it evens out my skin nicely even with just a thin layer. It doesn't cover any blemishes but that's fine by me as I use a separate concealer afterwards anyway, even if I'm using a heavy coverage foundation. 

My favorite thing about it would be the fact that it brightens skin instantly with it's I-can't-put-a-finger-on-it finish. There are no visible shimmers but it makes my skin "dew"lightful, as promised in the label!

Shade match. Yes I do need to have a section for the shade. Skintangible looks quite dark when you pump it out, but it will adjust to your skin. I think that it will work for a wide range of tones from light to dark. It has a neutral undertone so it would also match beige or yellow tones. BUT if you're on the pinkish/pale end of the spectrum, this might look muddy on you na.

Lasting power. It does stay on the whole day, but then again it would be hard to tell as it has a barely-there look on skin. I like that it keeps foundation/powder/blush in place with less retouching!

Packaging. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump that dispenses the right amount of product. The cap is big, white, and with a texture that shows smudges easily. Annoying but not a big deal. Since the bottle is made of glass, it's not wise to travel with it. Perhaps VMV would consider a plastic tube next time?

Recommendations. If you already have fairly good skin and you're keen on cutting down your routine, you'll love the VMV Hypoallergenics Skintangible SPF30! It's a moisturizer, sun screen, primer, illuminator, and tinted makeup all in one. It's ideal for oily to normal skin. If you're dry, you will need a separate moisturizer. 

It's also really good for girls with sensitive, acne-prone skin as VMV is very particular about about, well, being hypoallergenic. Still, if you've broken out from Armada, then this might also do the same. As for me I'm hiyang with Armada and also never got pimples from Skintangible! :)

So is there anyone else who won't like this product? Probably girls who need heavier coverage. Skintangible is not foundation, just to be clear!

Verdict. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I've been using it for my everyday looks ever since I got it a few weeks back! I'm really obsessed about bright, dewy skin so this is a must-have for me. I keep raving about it to everyone who will listen - like a broken record I swear. Well, the photos should prove my point. I rest my case.

You can order Skintangible through the local VMV online store. You can also check it in person in any VMV branch