The refined life

Earlier this morning I was looking for two wayward lipsticks that I haven't seen for months now. I did not find them. What I did find though was this shimmery perfumed hand cream, at which I snorted "What a sad useless thing!" I mean, really, who wants a shimmery perfumed hand cream? Had to stop and think about that. Who?


Apparently, that would be me. I realized that it's these small, seemingly unneccessary things that make life a finer thing to live. You don't need 'em, but when you do have 'em the things around you are a little more exquisite, stylish - refined. I think our grandparents understood this, with their ornate powder cases, silk robes, and hand-rolled cigars. 

What do we have? Shimmery perfumed hand creams. And linen sprays and room diffusers.

Ever since I tried the Daphne Home Scents I can't go back to a diffuser-less condo. Like what Raymond Guttierez said before, we spend a lot on our clothes, but we forget to touch up our home. A diffuser is my small bit of indulgence in much the same way I would wear perfume or accessories.

Anyway, I like this Zen Zest Fragrance Diffuser better than the Daphne scents. Zen Zest's smells more noticeable and long-lasting, meaning I don't have to turn the reed sticks as often. Oh I also love the scent - Orange & Spices - because it's like I perpetually have fresh peeled oranges in my condo. It's more expensive though at P600 something (if I'm not mistaken!) so that's something to consider (versus Daphne at P350). 

I am also loving these Zen Zest Linen and Room Fragrances. I think these are under P200? Gah I really need to look at the price list. I'm sure they're inexpensive though because they're part of Zen Zest's regular line.

Every morning and before I sleep at night I spray this duo everywhere. I kid you not, my mood is always better with them around! The Linen Fragrance in Stimulating is more soft and sweet (yuuum bed), while the Room Fragrance has a peppermint tang. I kinda expected them to smell the same but then I realized they're designed to contrast with each other for a more complex scent overall.

I guess the downside would be that these fragrances don't last very long. An hour and they would have evaporated completely as they're alcohol-based. Still, for the price and how little you need, they're pretty good.

I would definitely buy these three home-refiners when I run out! :) 

Disclaimer - I work with Zen Zest for their blogger activities but this review isn't sponsored or requested by my client.