Reader question: How to deal with flaky skin

Hi Ms. Liz! I'm currently having a problem with my skin. My face is always oily all over but recently, aside from being oily, it's also flaky. It's flaky in small amounts, but they're found all over my face... so in effect, my face appears to be rough. I put moisturizer before my foundation, however, this doesn't seem to help the flaky appearance. The texture of my face is so gross to look at.

This is a big nuisance for me especially since we'll be having our yearbook photoshoot soon. I'm a high school student so can you give me quick remedies that is within the budget of a teenager?  - Chloe

Hi Chloe! Yes, moisturizer can't do much to help skin that is already peeling. Flaky skin is dead skin so you can't revive it with moisturizer. The best remedy is to remove all the flakes first before attempting to hydrate your skin.

Now I'm going to suggest a quick fix so simple you don't even have to spend anything. :P After a hot bath, dampen the corner of your towel with a bit of warm water. Scrub off the now soft flaky skin gently and voila! Gone. You don't need to buy exfoliators that may just make the situation worse. Just clean off the dead skin to improve the texture of your healthy skin. 

You can also use a sponge like this to exfoliate, it's only P54 per pack of two!

I also have a tip to hide the flakes with makeup: don't swipe on the foundation or concealer. Instead, using a fine sponge, pat a heavy layer on the affected area only to fill in where the skin has peeled. This is a technique called volumizing. You may want to consider using liquid or cream foundation instead of powder since wet makeup can mimic skin better, thus rendering flaky skin invisible. Just set your work with a translucent powder and make sure to blend!

Of course, nothing beats going to a dermatologist to deal with the root cause of your problem. If this is a seasonal thing then just weather it (pun not intended). But if this happens pretty often and it's really bothering you, do see a professional so she can recommend a permanent solution.

Good luck on your yearbook photo! And girls, if you have any advice on how you deal with flaky skin, do share and help Chloe!