Fab find: Aqua Massage Naturale Demaquillage Cellulose Sponge

I was dawdling in First Aid, Greenbelt 5 while waiting for a movie to start. There's a wide range of practical beauty products and tools that's exclusive there such as my fave Sebamed Face & Body Wash! Anyway, I ended up buying my first ever pack of cellulose sponges and you know what? I can't believe I only got one now.

This stuff is amazing. A pack of two Aqua Massage sponges is only P52 (crazy) but you can do a lot of things with it! Here's how I like to use these sponges:

  • With my facial wash as a pore cleanser and exfoliator. The sponge is soft and firm at the same time so it can take off deep-seated dirt and flaky skin without being abrasive. 
  • As a physical makeup remover. I soak it in warm water then gently rub it on my face to dislodge the makeup. No need to use anything else while doing this. Take note though that this can't remove waterproof mascara/eyeliner or thick foundation. Perfect for light makeup days only.

  • I also like using the sponge to exfoliate my lips. I get smooth lips in a jiffy!
  • You know how sometimes you don't really cleanse your neck because then you'll have to get your clothes wet? This is a useful tool for that purpose.


So yeah, great sponge! Just remember to rinse it thoroughly before and after you use it to keep bacteria and stains from settling in. Also keep it in a cool dry place. :)

And that's it. Have you tried these sponges before? How do you like to use them?