Skincare buddies

I'm already on my fifth day of the Obagi Blue Peel. My face is peeling heavily, but I love the skin that I see peeking from under the old layer! You'll see when I post pictures tomorrow. For now I want to talk about the two skincare products that I've decided to stick to while I'm still recovering from the chemical peel.

I came across the Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash (P870/200ml) around two years ago. I got a tiny 5ml bottle of it as part of a press kit, but when I ran out I didn't purchase. At that time I found it expensive at P750 for a bottle, considering my facial washes never cost more than P100-200 before! So I skipped it and forgot about it.

After the chemical peel though, I had to switch to a gentle facial cleanser that wouldn't excessively dry up my peeling and hypersensitive skin (I was using a Clinique anti-oil facial wash that may not jive with the peeling skin). The Sebamed wash is the gentlest facial wash I've ever tried that actually makes my skin look good, so I bought it.

It's a lot like Cetaphil, except that it's green liquid and cleanses my face way better while still being very gentle. I love it. It doesn't dry up my skin and suds up so well. Anyway, if you're interested in getting it, you can find it in First Aid Greenbelt 5 (where I bought it) or in PCX stores.

The Obagi C Sunguard SPF 30 is my sunblock of choice because it's basic and has broad-spectrum protection. It's also a physical sunblock that offers some skin nourishment since it has Vitamin C. It's very rich so it keeps my skin hydrated! I use this only when I step out of the house.

I forgot to take a nice picture but I'm also using the Clinique Moisture Surge during evenings. ;) So there you go! These are the skincare products I'm using right now. They're working very well and are helping me through my recovery period.

I miss makeup!