House of Obagi Blue Peel Diaries: Days 3-5

The ennui that went with my Blue Peel experience is perhaps the biggest challenge I've hurdled so far. I couldn't go out of the house for long during the day because the sun makes my face feel hot and slightly itchy, so I felt bored and confined. I also felt sad because my face looked bad, so much that I questioned my decision to do the peel.

Now that I'm on my sixth day though, I feel better because I've already seen a drastic reduction of my blemishes and blackheads. I'd say it's three to four days before all the peeling skin is completely gone, and I can't wait! Seriously. I can't.

Day 3: It all falls apart

After the skin dried from the chemicals in Day 2, it became a hard, tight shell. I couldn't move my face much. It was in Day 3 when my face started cracking, beginning in the chin area. 

The peeling skin is thick and crackly. I just gently tear off the lying parts because they're a nuisance, and they're easy to remove anyway because they're so brittle. I keep touching my face (I can't help it it's terrible a compulsion) so I keep on washing it. I'm not using any moisturizer except sunblock during the day.

Day 4: Hopeless

I don't have photos of Day 4 because this was my lowest point. Lol. I think my period is near so I'm feeling emotional. This is the ugliest I've been in a while, and even though I know this appearance is temporary, I'm still affected!

Some of it has to do with all the comments about how good I was at covering my bad skin. I mean, I knew I had bad skin and I even talk about it in public, but it's different when people are actually agreeing! I blamed myself for letting my acne go this far. I should have gone to a dermatologist to seek help and I should have stopped putting so much junk on my face.

It took a lot of guts for me to post photos of my bare face. I'm not congratulating myself, but it had to be done. Oh well, if anything, this just proves that the Obagi Blue Peel is the best decision I made this year.

Day 5: I'm Tiana as she dreamed about her restaurant

I'm almost there! I'd say 50% of my face has peeled already, revealing great new skin underneath. Actually, the new skin you see there is still flaking - there seems to be another laying peeling off, but this time it's finer and thinner. All the better!

Like I said above, the blemishes have lightened considerably and my skin has a fine, glowy look to it. I'm so happy! Oh, I started using moisturizer again aside from the sun block (Clinique Moisture Surge).

So there you go! I'll get back to you in a few days; the peeling should be mostly done by then.