What is "natural"?

I was browsing through Twitter when I saw @LauraAtVMV post an article about natural skincare. She is the CEO of the VMV Group (the company behind VMV Hypoallergenics), and a blogger named Mei got to interview her about the definition of natural in the products we use.

Laura says:

Another thing that seems to trip people up is the perceived line between “natural” and “chemical”.Everything in nature (see the periodic table of elements) is expressed in a chemical signature(water is hydrogen + oxygen; vitamin E is tocopheryl acetate…both of which sound “chemical”). This is further complicated by some semantics. In sunscreens, “chemical” ingredients are actually correctly called “organic”; and “physical” ingredients are correctly termed “inorganic”. Definitely confusing

The article is a must-read if you're concerned about the products you use, especially those that tout to have natural ingredients. It spells, in clear layman terms, what to look out for in the ingredients list and why. It's quite educational. :)