23 going on 30

I was going through my traffic stats when I noticed that a lot of people were coming in from a US website/forum called Makeupalley. In case you don't know - I love Makeupalley! It's a sort of bible for me, my ultimate reference when it comes to information about products I want to buy or review. So, it's a big deal for me that one of my links is over there. 

Of course I clicked to the page where the link is. Apparently, it's a forum thread about guesses on how old I am. The general consensus is that I am in my thirties, although a couple of people threw in some forties guesses. The guesses were based on this post

I was mortified! At first. I know I look quite mature for my age, but I always thought the general perception is that I am in my mid to late twenties. It's surreal to be told that people think I am 30+. It's also a little funny, but at the bottom of it I feel, well, flattered!

The truth is that I won't be where I am today if I looked like my real age, career-wise. The people I work with need someone who looks like she knows what she's doing - normally not as important when it comes to other industries, but I am in the business of selling image after all.

It's a fact that people won't take me seriously enough to hire me if they initially knew I am 23. Oh I tell them my real age - but only when they ask. In the ideal world this detail shouldn't affect their decision to give me a job since my experience in the field should speak for itself, but we don't live in an ideal world. So I just do my thing and let them assume that I am in the appropriate age bracket.

All that aside though, I have always dressed, acted, and talked way beyond my years, even when I was still in elementary. That's just who I am. I have never regretted it because this, er, quirk of mine has served me well. :) I am more balanced compared to people my age, and I have a strong sense of purpose and the confidence to achieve it. 

If I have to look 30 to be all I am now at 23, that is a small price to pay.