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Wacoal says, "Be body beautiful at any age!"

Our body changes as we age. That’s just a fact of life! The best we can do is to take care of it by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes, but really, how many of us are saints? We want to live once in a while, but whether we like it or not, our body takes the toll.

A group of bloggers attended a Wacoal talk one Saturday afternoon, where a representative discussed how our body changes as we grow older. I’m sure all of us have an idea since we’ve seen several women age, but when it was dissected in detail, my gosh! I found myself squirming inside. 

It seems that, even with proper care, our body will deteriorate due to gravity and the normal pace of aging (less elasticity, muscle growth, and overall moisture). Observe:

A diagram of how breasts age

How hips change with age

This is not to say that aging is ugly and that we should just throw the towel when we hit our 40s. No. I would hate for you to think that! Our breasts may sag and our hips may fall flat and wrinkly, but aging has other benefits.

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23 going on 30

I was going through my traffic stats when I noticed that a lot of people were coming in from a US website/forum called Makeupalley. In case you don't know - I love Makeupalley! It's a sort of bible for me, my ultimate reference when it comes to information about products I want to buy or review. So, it's a big deal for me that one of my links is over there. 

Of course I clicked to the page where the link is. Apparently, it's a forum thread about guesses on how old I am. The general consensus is that I am in my thirties, although a couple of people threw in some forties guesses. The guesses were based on this post

I was mortified! At first. I know I look quite mature for my age, but I always thought the general perception is that I am in my mid to late twenties.

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