Wacoal says, "Be body beautiful at any age!"

Our body changes as we age. That’s just a fact of life! The best we can do is to take care of it by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes, but really, how many of us are saints? We want to live once in a while, but whether we like it or not, our body takes the toll.

A group of bloggers attended a Wacoal talk one Saturday afternoon, where a representative discussed how our body changes as we grow older. I’m sure all of us have an idea since we’ve seen several women age, but when it was dissected in detail, my gosh! I found myself squirming inside. 

It seems that, even with proper care, our body will deteriorate due to gravity and the normal pace of aging (less elasticity, muscle growth, and overall moisture). Observe:

A diagram of how breasts age

How hips change with age

This is not to say that aging is ugly and that we should just throw the towel when we hit our 40s. No. I would hate for you to think that! Our breasts may sag and our hips may fall flat and wrinkly, but aging has other benefits. Grace, for instance. Influence. Financial security (if you are wise), and many other things. Beauty isn’t all about achieving the perfect body and face anyway. It’s mostly about accepting who you are and radiating that to other people. It’s also heavy on showing dignity and elegance in how you carry yourself. Truth is, these things usually only come with years full of lessons learned! 

Anyway! The whole point of me showing how our body ages is this: in the exact way that you can’t wear the same makeup when your skin turns several shades darker (or lighter), you can’t wear the same underwear when your body changes. You might maintain the same cup size and hip measurement through the years, but the smaller changes in your body will ensure that you won’t get a perfect fit. Underwear designed with a 20-year old body in mind, for example, won’t work for a 40-year old since she would have looser skin and a wider frame. 

Look and learn!

After exhaustive research, it seems that Wacoal knows exactly what our body needs. They actually have underwear lines that target the need of women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Obviously, girls in their 20s don’t need that much support, but for that age Wacoal has created a flirty, trendy line to match our lifestyle.


Those in their 30s will find more seductive pieces in demure shades, all the while providing some control on the hips and lift on the breasts :

Ladies in their 40s will find contoured pieces that will really pull in the flabs and/or loose skin!

Other than the lingerie, Wacoal also carries some to-die-for shapewear, of which I have a few *ehem*. If you love slinky or streamlined dresses, I think corsets, body suits, and girdles are du jour. They really help improve your silhouette, making sure that you’re never caught in awkward angles when you bend over or show your side! Super useful when it comes to photo-heavy events.


You might not believe me when I say this because this IS a sponsored post after all, but Wacoal has some pretty awesome stuff. The items are expensive, true, but I think you’re getting what you paid for. A few months ago, I bought this corset vest (cost P1,800 plus!) and since then I’ve been using it all the time! Remember this fateful bandage dress from last November’s Clinique Party

The Vest makes my tummy flat and gives me a curvy waist. It's fairly comfortable!


That flatness is brought to you by Wacoal. And then last Friday, when I gave a beauty talk over at Adamson University, I managed to look svelte in a Wacoal body suit:

The body suit isn't as tight or as controlling as the vest, but it makes sure that all the lines in your body are straight and even (if you know what I mean). No random bulges where they shouldn't be.


Everybody wins! Haha. So yeah, try Wacoal - you really won’t regret it. 

To know more about the perfect underwear for you, visit www.wacoal.ph 

This is a sponsored post.