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The statement satchel

If you've been reading this blog for a while now then you would know how much I love satchels. They have this classic, structured form that goes well with any outfit! So when I saw this design from River Island, I knew I had to get it. It also came in emerald green, gold, and black/white. I spent a LOT of time thinking about the color I want but in the end I went for the electric blue.

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The story of the cute pink bag I didn't really want

Mong Kok in Hong Kong is a dusty, damp, and densely crowded place where people go to shop for awesome bargains. It's almost like Divisoria here in Manila, except that there are more Chinese per square foot! Get it, Hong Kong is in China, ha ha? Pff anyway.

There's a lot of amazing fashion finds to be had in Mong Kok. There is only one rule in that wild, unfiltered place: bargain. Then, bargain some more! I was blissfully unaware of that until I started buying a few things, one of which was this cute pink satchel.

Okay, before we continue - Hong Kong dollar conversion confused me greatly. It's not like US dollar where you know that one dollar is a huge amount; or yen, where Y1000 is not really a lot of money. But 1 HKD is equivalent to about 5 Philippine pesos (or 7 PHP if you were foolish enough to change money at the airport). To my mind that's not a terribly big gap. 50 HKD is only P250, so what. But 200 HKD is already 1,000 PHP. 250 HKD is already 1,250 PHP, and so on. Before I know it, I've spent money I wouldn't have otherwise spent if I just actually computed exact conversion rates rather than just winging it in my head.

So. Back to Mong Kok. My mother and I visited it in the afternoon. I think it was on our first day in Hong Kong; we were both still excited about exploring a country new to us. It was a terrible idea. I was tired, and I didn't expect the area to be so ridiculously crowded. Apparently, Mong Kok is named by the Guinness Book of Records as the busiest district in the world due to its extremely dense population. Well, if I knew that, I would have avoided the migraine I got while I was there.

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Leather love story: the Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel

My mother thinks I'm careless with my money, but I think I'm not doing too bad at 24. I save up and I know when I need to back off from a potentially wasteful purchase. Living independently from my parents taught me difficult financial lessons - way more effective than wordy lectures, I think! Nonetheless I want to learn more about financial wisdom ala Frugal Honey this year.

But. I work hard, so if there's something I really like that I can afford, I buy it. I've been in love with a bag from Tory Burch since November and I finally got it shortly before Christmas!

I actually bought a Tory Burch tote first. I liked it in the store, but when I opened it at home my feelings have drastically changed. I thought it was a bit too plain and too big for me. I mean, if I were to blow money on a luxe bag I might as well get something that looks like it! So I took the tote back to the store and purchased the bag that I originally liked, which was the Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel.

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A bright blue summer

My healthy obsession with blue is far, far from over. It's the color of my summer because it feels so cool and calm, a sharp contrast to the burning heat outside! Blue puts me in a good mood, is all. I have no idea why some of the connotations of blue are sadness and melancholia.

Anyways, I just wanted to share more blue outfits that I've worn recently, plus the new blue Aldo bag that I got last Friday!

Nine West bag / Forever 21 blazer / Bench dress / Ferretti pumps / Pinkbox leather bracelet

I immediately grabbed this candy-striped Bench dress when I saw it on the racks. I normally don't like bold stripes (horizontal ones at that!) but I like the color combination and the dress looked so flattering on me.

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New bag: Marc by Marc Twisted Q Riz Hobo

I first heard about Purse Podium when a friend retweeted a link to its Facebook page. It was quite the serendipitous moment because I was Googling for designer bags at that time! What are the odds. :P Anyway, I scoured through the Purse Podium site for the perfect bag for me, one that fit my size and budget, and I chanced upon the Marc by Marc Twisted Q Riz Hobo in a sort of bronze/gold color.

At first I wasn't too sure about the color since it may be difficult to pair up with my outfits, but my fears were baseless. Like a gold necklace or bronze bangle, the bag goes with (more or less) everything!

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A closer look at Avon's Manzzini bags

Avon makes interesting bags, but the Manzzini Collection is way past interesting. It's gorgeous! So wait, why is the collection called Manzzini? "The name Manzzini was derived from Via Mazzini, a fashion street in Italy reflecting the designs of the collection. This bag line takes inspiration from a Manzzini woman who travels around the world - as she eats, shops and loves," says Avon.

They're more expensive since they're a special collection, but I do believe the price is worth it. I like that the bags have a sort of detachable organizer inside for your stuff (at least, the black one does, I haven't used the cream yet) and that they're very of-the-moment. The material used doesn't feel cheap at all too!

Here are a few photos of the bags in actual.

Manzzini Tote with Mini Purse

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A tutu and a tote

So, I just want to share what I wore yesterday. I didn't want to don rainy weather clothes (what are rainy weather clothes anyway?) and I only had like five minutes to grab everything and go. Thought to air out this tutu skirt I got from Tomato some weeks back for only P300 - how I wish I bought the other colors while I was there!

Promod cardigan/ Tomato tutu/ Ferretti heels and tote/ SM necklace

I just bought the tote bag yesterday when I visited Ferretti in Glorietta 5. I wasn't really out to buy a bag specifically, but I vaguely wanted something that can carry my laptop and junk without bursting to the brim. The only "trendy" bags I have are small so was looking for something current yet more practical. 

Ok I know I said I'm not a bag person but when I saw this in the store, I just...felt compelled to buy it.

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My top Parfois picks

There are a lot of beautiful finds inside Parfois. The best thing is, most of the items are not something you'll find just anywhere! There are cocktail rings, statement necklaces, and pretty bags in the store. Shoes, scarves, and wallets are also mainstays.

Indeed, Parfois is your all-around accessory store that's not too painful on the pocket. Rings are between P380 to P650, necklaces at P600-1200 (for the elaborate ones), and bags at P1,200 to 3,000 (for the big ones made for traveling).

Here's what I got!

This necklace is perfect for low-cut dresses and tops

These golden leaves hang beautifully on the neck. Can go with most outfits. Been wearing it nonstop!

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The Ferretti satchel

I was at the Ferretti store in Glorietta 5 last Saturday to turn over receipts (I work for the the brand) when I spotted the new bags. It was love at first sight! I immediately bought one of the structured satchels since I am into that particular look right now.

Well, I was once seriously considering those Cambridge bags but a friend aptly observed that they're the new Longchamps - meaning everyone had them. I prefer having more unique pieces, and this Ferretti bag fit the bill (quite literally, too, since this style is only available in very very limited quantities).

Did I mention that the bag is just P899? :D It also comes in light taupe.

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Cheapo satchel from Muradito

I only buy bags once a year. That kinda sounds ridiculous now that I said it out loud, but the truth is I've never been that interested in bags. I did consider those uber chic Cambridge satchels above but I'm not one to blow P5,000- P10,000 on a bag - at least, not yet!

So when I saw this bag in Market! Market! yesterday I practically jumped with joy. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the price tag - P650 - but I still managed to haggle it down to P580 since it's the last piece in stock.

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Avon Desert Oasis Collection

Here's an Avon post...again! I can't help it. Avon is probably the biggest supporter of Project Vanity. They don't pay me or anything, if you're curious. They just send me their latest products to try and it works out so well because I've been a huge fan of Avon even since I was a teen. Anyway, just the other day they gave me three bags of products not just for me, but for YOU! Yup, I'm going to have another major giveaway soon. If you haven't joined the current one, please do!

Today I want to share something they sent me a couple of weeks back. It's one of their newer collections called Desert Oasis, one inspired by the glittering sands of the hot dunes. The collection is quite extensive, with underwear, sandals, accessories, and bags under it. I have a few of them here. Check out the photos!

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