Who doesn't need a sensible bag?

Sensible bags are as much of a necessity as pretty can-walk-in-them-forever flats and jeans that make your butt look nice. They must be roomy yet light, sturdy yet stylish. It depends on every person's preference, but my ideal bag would have a top handle and a strap so I can transfer it to my arms and shoulders whenever I feel like.

My current fave bag is one from David Jones. I I got mine from BeautyMNL! The style is called Joni and it's fairly affordable at P2,099. I've brought this to Tokyo and I find it stylish enough to belong in that city - more important than that, however, is the fact that it didn't kill my shoulders even when I've walked and shopped all day.

That's why I don't use my real leather bags anymore, really. They're too cumbersome when they have stuff inside and they feel heavier the longer I carry them! That's not to say I'll never use them again, just that I'd rather save them for special occasions. I'd prefer something a lot lighter and spacious for traveling and day-to-day wear. I'm happy with canvas or faux leather bags if I'm looking to be sensible. 

How about you, what's your perfect sensible bag?