Thoughts on designer bags

I've been thinking a lot about designer bags lately. Before, I wouldn't give them a moment's hoot - why blow P20,000 to P100,000 and beyond just for a bag? There are equally beautiful bags for much, much less than that. It didn't make sense to me. But now, it sorta does.

Let me tell you a little bit about my line of work. I work in the fashion industry as a PR and marketing person. I meet a lot of clients and people from the media, so it pays to reason that I always need to be at my best. You won't trust someone to represent you if that person looks shabby and all over the place, will you? Some people call it vanity, but I call it simple survival.

They say good shoes will take you to good places. That's true. But I do think that quote also applies to bags, too. A nice, well-chosen bag will make you look polished and presentable as it is. But a designer bag? It instantly makes an impression. Aside from signaling good taste, it says the person carrying it deserves respect because she has worked hard enough to buy a bag like that (unless she's born rich, that is). That's the kind of person people want to work with.

Which brings me to my next point. I don't think girls should buy designer bags if they can't afford it. It doesn't make sense to starve yourself and go into debt just for a piece of leather, however stylish or well-crafted it may be! It's just not worth it. Besides, expensive bags have to be earned if they are to mean anything, I believe, because otherwise they're just an empty, ostentatious symbol of what you are not. And that's sad.

Will I buy designer bags? If you asked me that a year ago I'd say no way. But now I think they're useful in terms of improving my personal image.

Right now I'm just scouting for the right bag (style-wise) within my means so I'm browsing heavily online. The most promising store I've seen is called Purse Podium - check it out! It has lots of options and it seems like the bags are authentic. I've also been checking stores in person so I can find something relatively affordable but still speaks volumes.

Time to share your thoughts! What do you think of designer bags? Do you own one?