Totes dependable: A new black bag + a look at Kipling's concept store

If there's anything I've learned about bags so far, it's that I shouldn't settle for ones of poor quality. Price isn't the most important factor. As long as the bag can last me for years in terms of make and style, how cheap or expensive it is is beside the point. 

I choose bags more wisely now compared to before. I suppose it comes with age! I used to love cute bags but I always get so disappointed when they break or look beat up after just a few uses. These days I'm happier with bags that may look a bit stodgy since I know I can depend on them for years.

The latest bag in my collection is this black tote from Kipling. It's large yet lightweight, perfect for bringing clothes for tennis and for traveling! It's also a great shopping tote since I can attach a long strap if I want to carry it on my shoulders. 

It looks like a pretty sturdy bag so I'm happy to have something so convenient and useful that I know I'll be able to use for a long, long time.

If you're interested in browsing Kipling bags as well, come check out their new concept store in Mega Atrium! Inside the House of Kipling, guests are greeted with warm, homey interiors made from an eclectic mix of natural and clean textures, surrounded by the signature tile wall with the iconic monkey print. The color palette plays along the shades of taupe and greys, plus an occasional pop of orange and pink. 

Do visit Kipling's 7th shop carrying the global look at the 3rd level of Mega Atrium, SM Megamall. Catch the opening on April 20 (today!) as there is a 50% price off on the Spring 2016 collection if you are a Kipling Loyalty Cardholder or one of the first 100 customers of the day.

Have fun shopping!