Have you seen this 25-peso BB cream in Watsons? Here's a review!

I was shopping in Watsons a few weeks ago when I spotted what is possibly the cheapest BB cream (per purchase anyway) available here in the country. I normally wouldn't go for something so sketchy-sounding but I couldn't deny my curiosity! I got one since it was so cheap anyway.

The iWhite Korea BB. Holic Everyday BB Cream (P24.50) promises makeup and skincare in one, with 10 plant extracts to sweeten the deal. It comes in a sachet split into two, with 4ml of product in total. I'd say it's good for about four to six uses depending on how much you actually squeeze out. Just to give you an idea, an average BB cream tube or bottle would have 30ml of product inside. If you bought this BB cream in a bottle, it would still be pretty cheap at only P184.

So how is it?

Contrary to my low expectations, it wasn't bad at all! The texture is very light and watery, like a CC cream. It has a glowy, sheer finish, but as you can see in the video it covered up most of my blemishes! It evened out my skin nicely without looking like I caked on product. It's pretty hydrating, too. I know it would be hard to believe which is why I took a video. :P Here's how it looks like!

The catch: it might not suit oily skin due to how moisturizing it is and the shiny finish; it's really more of a CC cream than a traditional BB cream. Think cushion compacts. This could easily be the liquid inside the cushion! It doesn't stay on particularly well by itself, but you could definitely extend wear time up to five hours with a good powder and retouching.

It also has this fruity-vanilla scent which I am not a fan of. It doesn't smell horrible, but it is an off-putting scent in a makeup product.

Overall, I recommend trying out the iWhite Korea BB. Holic Everyday BB Cream if you're on a tight budget and want to experience the feel of CC creams or cushion compacts without investing on a full bottle. Makeup snobs may turn their noses up at it but it actually looks good considering the price. It's perfect for students and makeup beginners who just need a base that brightens and evens out dry to combi skin!

What do you think? Does this look like something you'd buy?