That perfect Zara bag

Sometimes, the best things come to you when you're not looking for them. Like the other day when I went inside the Zara store in Shibuya just to browse. I didn't really intend to buy anything because I'm fairly happy with my wardrobe at this point, and besides, I'm sure that we have/will have in Manila whatever is in Tokyo. We've got some of the best shopping this side of South East Asia, no!

When I saw this bag though, I stopped in my tracks. It has everything I want in a bag: good material, clean stitches, and classy hardware. It wasn't that expensive, too! Still, I walked around to think about this purchase. In the end I decided that I need this more than another box of paint, haha.


The size is perfect for me - I'm not into big bags, and I like long straps. The size of this bag is juuuuuust right for my sketch book, paint box, and brushes. It has open sides so I can simply grab things and put them back quickly. The bag itself is light too!

So there, my new favorite bag. Have you got any serendipitous finds lately?