Cheapo satchel from Muradito

I only buy bags once a year. That kinda sounds ridiculous now that I said it out loud, but the truth is I've never been that interested in bags. I did consider those uber chic Cambridge satchels above but I'm not one to blow P5,000- P10,000 on a bag - at least, not yet!

So when I saw this bag in Market! Market! yesterday I practically jumped with joy. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the price tag - P650 - but I still managed to haggle it down to P580 since it's the last piece in stock. Sorry girls, you won't be able to find this anymore, but there is a camel-colored version that's slightly bigger and has braided straps.

It could fit my stuff comfortably, even my iPad

I got this satchel from this store called Muradito (hehe) that sells on-trend fashion at dirt cheap prices. The clothes have that "Forever 21 look", so they're mainly for teens and young adults. They also have nice shoes although their current selection doesn't look anything special. You'll remember that I bought these heels from Muradito last year.

So yeah, I <3 my new bag! I hope it doesn't break down quickly because I'll be using it all the time. I love that it would go perfectly with my Ichigo flats. Y/Y?

PSS - You can find Muradito inside the Fashion Market. It's on the second floor. If you're facing the department store, it's on the section to your right.