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Cheapo satchel from Muradito

I only buy bags once a year. That kinda sounds ridiculous now that I said it out loud, but the truth is I've never been that interested in bags. I did consider those uber chic Cambridge satchels above but I'm not one to blow P5,000- P10,000 on a bag - at least, not yet!

So when I saw this bag in Market! Market! yesterday I practically jumped with joy. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the price tag - P650 - but I still managed to haggle it down to P580 since it's the last piece in stock.

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Making it like summer

I got this uber cute bag from the Vanity Fair event yesterday in SM North EDSA (more on that in the coming days)! The brand of the bag is named Naraya, and I believe that it can be found in Robinsons Midtown and SM North EDSA.

I'm not that much into cloth tote bags - or bags in general, for that matter - but what drew me to this one in particular was the lovely floral print, big blue bow (!), and the sturdy make. The stitches are tight and fine, plus the bag has a soft wire frame. It's big and roomy enough, but not so much that you look like you're bringing luggage when you're out.

It's impossible not to like this! It's P799

White high-waisted shorts are trending again, but I hate how they add at least two pounds to the hips and legs! I don't recommend them for hip-heavy women like myself.

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