The bag fever

I have a nasty case of bag fever at the moment. I don't need a new bag, I just want something new and luxe to hold. Someone has to talk me out of it but in the meantime please indulge me. I checked out all the stores within my budget and found two drool-worthy bags!

I saw this at Tory Burch Medium 797 Satchel yesterday. It was love at first sight - I'm not kidding! I love the deep forest green color, the elegant combination of suede and leather, and of course, the shape. I have a thing for satchels because they're structured, poised, ready for anything. This one is just the right size for me, too, since it's not too large but it's still roomy enough for housing my usual stuff.

This Kate Spade Bright Spot Avenue Grace tote is more practical (and a lot less expensive). It can easily be a pang-harabas bag, though it's quite small for a shopping tote. It's made of leather with a handy clasp closure for someone who likes rifling through her bag in search for random things (like me). It's not a "Hey! Stare at me!" kind of bag like the one from Tory Burch, but it's quietly elegant. Reserved. Classic.

Another bag I'm considering is the Furla Candy Bag. I love the shape and how easy it would be to maintain the silicone material. However, I'm just concerned about the weight. It's quite heavy, even with zero stuff inside. Furla also has these handy nylon tote bags but the color I want (black) is already out of stock. Oh well.

And that's that. I'll try to wait it out, see if I still want a new bag after a week or so. I hope it passes soon! How about you, are you craving for a new bag too? Let's commiserate!