The Project Vanity Top 10: March 2015

Someone once told me that the secret to efficiency and productivity is to do what needs to be done even if you're not in the mood. That's hardly a secret but mood is such a powerful motivator - or often, a demotivator - that we allow it to get the better of us. It helps to step out of our head for a bit and not think about all the reasons we shouldn't do something so we can focus on actually doing it.

 Just a friendly reminder after that long-ass weekend! Anyway! Let's start the week with a list of my favorites from last month. I'm going to start doing this regularly again so we can all have a meaty look back on the things that rocked my boat recently. Here goes!

Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF50 PA++++ (P495). Never leave home without sunscreen on, especially in this heat! I like this one from Sunkiller because it doesn't have a white tint and it makes my skin look smooth and bright. The high SPF is the clincher - it has both UVA and UVB protection too. 

Benefit Puff Off! Instant Eye Gel (P1,500). Super light and effective, this eye gel gets rid of puffy eyes within an acceptable amount of time. I'm talking 30-40 minutes! No skincare product is ever truly instant, ya know. I love this because it does work, and it goes on under makeup beautifully without any fuss.

Tony Moly Cotton Pact Delight (P398). Hotter weather = oilier face. I am never without a powder compact so that I can fix my shiny face any time. This one from Tony Moly has a smoothing, brightening finish and comes in a small macaron-sized case too. With a mirror. And a puff. Winner.

Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer (P1,350). I've ben piling on the concealer In lieu of liquid foundation. I can not deal with heavy textures in the muggy weather so I just use primer, conceal, then finish with a powder for optimal comfort and staying power. I love this Shiseido concealer because it gives me the perfect coverage and comes in a convenient stick form.

Shu Uemura Brow Ink (~P1,500). I didn't like this one initially but now I sorta panic when I can't find it. It looks shiny and gross when freshly applied but I swear, once it dries, it's a beautiful nutty brown color. Very nice! Shu Uemura really knows what's up when it comes to eyebrows. 

K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil (P795). Pencils are still forever though. K-Palette recently came out with this dual-ended pencil/powder product for those of us who might simply be too busy or newbie to fiddle with brushes. I love the Natural Brown shade as it's perfect for my current hair color, plus, it looks soft and creamy once blended in.

Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liner (P379). You can cheap out on eyeliners because they're so darn good, even if they're ~just~ from Maybelline.I love the new Wing liner because it gives such a fantastic winged line at half the effort. 

Etude House Proof 10 Gelquid Eyeliner (P498). Again on affordable eyeliners! The Gelquid line from Etude House has fun colors as opposed to Maybelline, which only has black and (I think) brown here. The one I reviewed is a sort of gunmetal gray with shimmers - quite lovely. It's a nice change!

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense in 53 and 54 (P1,500). Frosty lipsticks aren't usually my cup of tea, but the shades 53 and 54 from MUFE make a strong case for this much-maligned finish. It makes my lips look dimensional and with a soft...glow, something that is hard to do with matte, satin, or shine finishes. Check out my swatches in the post to see what I mean!

Clinique Nutcracker Act 1 Compact (P2,400). And here's the best for last! I love how the colors in this palette look on me, especially the blush. That one's a compliment magnet! It's so subtle and nakaka-fresh. It also stays on for a good amount of time (4-5 hours), a requirement in this weather.

And that's that. Any new finds you wanna share to the world? ;)