Initially scary but surprisingly good: Shu Uemura Brow Ink

I got the Shu Uemura Brow Ink (~P1,500) last November, used it one time, and promptly filed it under the I'm Not Quite Sure What To Do With This List. It was my first time to try wet eyebrow makeup. The fact that Shu's Brow Ink is quite wet and goopy did not help to make me feel comfortable with it.

It was only late last month when I realized that I've been missing out, when I picked it up again. This Brow Ink is quite good because it only literally takes one pass to draw my eyebrows with it. With cream and liquid pens I have to patiently brush on the product hair by hair; with the Brow Ink, I just sweep n' go!

The brush felt weird at first since it looks like what one would find in nail polishes. However, the square tip and stiff bristles allow me to get a good shape that I can thicken or taper off as needed. 

I was also initially put off by how thick and viscuous liquid is. It seems like waaaaay too much product in the brush every time I pull it out! However, when I wipe the excess on the rim of the tube, what remains is exactly what I need to paint on one eyebrow. For the other eyebrow, I just pick up what I wiped off and use it to finish up. 

Even though the product seems too much, it surprisingly gives the right pigmentation. I rarely have to correct what I paint on once I've gotten the hang of it. Palm Beige is the shade I have - it's a nutty brown with hints of taupe and some shimmer. It's a good match for my hair, plus the formula also keeps my brows in place as if I used a brow mascara.

Swatch of Shu Uemura Brow Ink in Palm Beige

Swatch of Shu Uemura Brow Ink in Palm Beige

The staying power is ace. Once it sets, it's there until I take it off. Note however that I don't have oily eyebrows so it might be a different experience for those who do. Here I am wearing it! Love how my brows are thickened, defined, and mattified, but not solid-looking.

I'm glad I got over my initial misgivings with the Shu Uemura Brow Ink. I now always pick it up since it speeds up my brow routine! It's also super photogenic so I always wear it to events. ^_^ Try it if you want fuss-free brows, but if you're a beginner, perhaps it's better to stick with pencils and pens that require a lower learning curve.