Made at home: Room fragrance

I was annoyed at myself the other day because I forgot to buy room spray when I did my groceries. I can not stand my house smelling dank, musty, or like cooked food so I always make sure to have something to keep my place smelling fresh. Fortunately I remembered I actually have the materials to make room fragrance! I bought the supplies from a chemical factory a couple of years ago, for a completely different thing.

Anyway, I created two scents: Sampaguita, a fresh jasmine bouquet with a hint of peppermint, and Ponkan, a sharp citrus to energize the senses. I believe that scents are powerful tools to influence the mood - they can make or break your day, even if they're invisible to the eye. I made Sampaguita to brighten my day, while Ponkan is for when I need to wake up. 

I was lucky I still had two empty glass atomizers around. Of course, I painted the labels on for that personal touch. These will be standing where I can easily grab them so they need to look pretty! I also had some gold leather thread so off it went to be tied around the neck of the bottles.

I'm pretty proud of what I came up with. It's so cute! Now excuse me while I spray Ponkan around my condo haha!