What's on my desk

I usually wake up just before the crack of dawn. The first thing I do after getting out of bed is to sit in front of my desk and watch the sky turn lighter by the minute. I would day dream about random things, perhaps plan what I'm going to paint next, perhaps be inspired enough to paint it right there and then. I would maybe read one of my art books for inspiration. I would scribble things to do for the day, write/rant on my journal, and doodle whatever comes to mind. 

I don't actually do much paying work on this desk. I've tried, but maybe the way I unintentionally set it up is not meant to keep me focused on tasks. It's to keep me as creative as possible, with all my favorite materials within easy reach. I like how cluttered and a little bit haphazard everything is here because it reflects who I am. 

Just wanted to show you what I've got on it at the moment! ^_^ 

After taking these pictures, I am starting to think that maybe I need a bigger desk! The drawer and cabinet at the bottom contains more art materials (inks, pencils, washi tapes) and all sorts of paper.

I always have a stack of notebooks and sketchbooks on the side. I want to be able to grab something whenever I feel like sketching or writing! My favorite notebooks are Midori, Muji, and Jacinto & Lirio. As for sketchbooks, I love Monologue, Canson Montval, and Clairefontaine.

To the side is an acrylic case full of brush tip markers from Marvy Uchida and some Sharpies. I'm not sure where to get the brush-tip Sharpies, but Marvy Uchida can now be found in most National Book Stores.

Confession: I don't really use my easel to paint anything outside of my watercolor workshops. My works invariably get ruined as the water drips down too quickly! I use it to store my most current paintings. I like to stare at them and nitpick on every single mistake - it sounds so negative, but it's how I learn about my own process and see where I need to improve.

I recently got this lovely white organizer from an event. I LOVE IT. It fits some of my glass jars with brushes nicely, plus my acrylic and watercolor inks. I can also place my travel watercolor kits in those slots! The drawer has pencils, calligraphy stuff, and fountain pens.

The jars on the side has Koh-I-Noor watercolor pencils, a variety of water brushes, and more pencils haha.

Finally, on the left are some Winsor & Newton drawing inks which I am currently playing around with, some ceramic palettes from Tokyo (better than plastic, pigments don't stain it), a jar of water, and some towels for blotting off brushes as I paint. I'm left handed, so these things are on the left. This is my mise en place so to speak; it's the most effective set up for my work.

And that's that. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed my desk tour! What's on yours? Post a pic too!