This works: Benefit Puff Off! Instant Eye Gel

Not to brag, but I've already successful dealt with my dark under eye circles. It's not as difficult as it sounds since I sorta won the genetic gene pool there - my eye bags don't darken all that much in the first place. It only happens if I really let myself go and stop using proper skincare. With the help of my fave eye creams and a good life style, I barely even need to wear under eye concealer whenever I leave the house.

But don't lose hope: if you get at least eight hours of sleep, take your vitamins, stop/lessen drinking and smoking, and start drinking more water, your eye bags and skin in general are likely to improve.

What I'm still occasionally struggling with is puffy eyes. They puff up so easily, after a few tears or even just sleeping in an awkward position. My quick fix is a cold teaspoon pressed gently around my eyes to drain out the excess fluid, but I now have a more elegant solution: the Benefit Puff Off! Instant Eye Gel (P1,400). 

This is a cooling, tightening, and smoothing eye gel that works fairly quickly in lessening the puffiness. By "fairly quickly" I mean at least five hours but once it does my bags are neatly ironed out. I use this both before I sleep and before I put on makeup. It's perfect under makeup since the silicone primes the under eyes, allowing concealer and powder to go on more smoothly and to stick a little better.

The metal tip looks like an iron; it's pretty cool (literally and figuratively), but I still prefer using my finger to pat on the product. Here are my eyes after four weeks or using the Benefit Puff Off:

Benefit Puff Off on eyes.jpg

Not bad eh? This gel moisturizes nicely and de-puffs quite well. Just don't expect a permanent effect! That said, try the Benefit Puff Off! Instant Eye Gel if you need something to specifically target puffy bags. It's also makeup-friendly and dries quickly so you don't have to skip eye cream if you're in a rush to go out.

What do you think? Is Benefit's new eye cream for you?