Drugstore finds: Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF50 PA++++

It's easy to think of a hundred reasons why you shouldn't reach for something, but if you truly want it, one reason is enough to go for it. It doesn't even have to be a big one. It can be something as seemingly trivial as, "I hate it when people ask me what I'm doing and I often end up telling them 'nothing, so I'm going to write a novel'" Or "I want to fit in my favorite old dress by Saturday, so I'll work out." Your reasons, how ever small, are valid. You just need to acknowledge the ones that will gain you the most positive outcomes.

Moving on, today I've got a summer must-have for you: the Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF50 PA++++ (P495). This is my current favorite sunscreen slash tinted face base as it feels light on skin, has very high sun protection, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I love the Clinique Even Better with SPF45 PA+++, but the price tag on that is a bit much. It's nice to find something a lot less expensive to use for quick trips out of the house.

This Japanese drugstore sunscreen base has a bit of yellow tint - it doesn't actually cover anything, but it brightens up the uneven areas of my face. It has no shimmer as far as I can tell. It looks wet upon application but dries down to a demi matte finish. It has no scent although it has a bit of that menthol tingle when freshly blended on.

I wear it with just powder foundation on top. I like how my skin looks so healthy and glowing with it! I don't like wearing heavy coverage in the heat (unless I really really have to) so this sheer base topped by my fave foundation is a good combo. 

That said, this base doesn't prevent oil or noticeably slow it down. I still get oily after 2-3 hours, but to its credit, the Sunkiller keeps my foundation on better; it fades less than it naturally does.

And that's that. If you're looking for a sheer base with high SPF, you will do very well with the Sunkiller Super Lasting Base SPF50 PA++++. It brightens skin in a subtle manner while protecting it from the sun's rays. ^_^ I'm sold!

What SPF product are you using for your face this summer? (Please tell me you are!)

Sunkiller is available wherever Heroine Make is available in Watsons. Will post the exact locations once I have the list.