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Etude House CC Cream in Glow

It was only a matter of time before Etude House, the Korean beauty juggernaut, came out with their very own CC cream. I find it to be a unique product because unlike the other CC creams I've tried, this is a white cream with tiny pigment spheres! It's sheer but gives this glow-from-within finish, as if there's a softly lit light bulb trained on my face. Can't think of a better way to describe it!

The Etude House CC Cream in Glow is off-putting at first because it starts out very, very white, like a kabuki mask. But as I rub it starts to slowly blend in to my natural skin color. There's still a bit of whiteness due to the SPF30, but it's not obvious unless you flash a bright light. I love the finish; it's subtle enough that it's difficult to capture on camera! There is shimmer in the formula although it's very fine.

Here's a quick run down!

What I love about the product

  • Its main purpose is to correct and care. It corrects the dullness and uneveness of my skin, while moisturizing and protecting it from the sun at the same time.
  • Gives a soft focus, glow-from-within finish (with a bit of vigorous blending). It also sort of counteracts the yellowness of my skin, and gives it a more neutral tone - if that makes sense.
  • This CC cream is an excellent makeup base!
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Bobbi Brown Illuminating Face Base SPF25

The Bobbi Brown Illuminating Face Base (P2,650) aka the reason I can go out without foundation is now a mainstay in my routine. It has SPF25 which is always useful during the day, but most importantly, it makes my skin look amazing. You'll see a photo later. For now, lemme run through what's awesome about this product!

What I love about it

  • The micronized pearl pigments infused in this cream base gives skin the perfect glow. You'll see a bit of shimmer if you look reeeeallly closely but when worn, there's just a can't-put-your-finger on sheen to your skin. Don't worry, it's subtle that it won't make oily skin look oilier.
  • Helps makeup glide on better as it smoothens skin. It also helps keep your makeup look fresh longer, although it won't block oil in my experience.

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Colour Collection Gluta-White BB Cream

It's been two years and BB creams are still popular. They're not a topic for hysteria anymore, but there are still fans out there. And why shouldn't there be? Claims to providing blemish-free and beautiful skin aside, BB creams are awesome makeup bases or even substitutes to foundations. One such BB cream that's just been recently released is the Colour Collection Gluta-White BB Cream (P379 for 40mL).

I'll save you the suspense and tell you straight out that CC's BB cream is a pretty good product at a crazy cheap price. Never mind the BB cream label. It's a great makeup base and tinted moisturizer that doesn't make Pinay skin too oily or too white! It also has sun protection.

What I love about the product

  • It's the right shade for me. I do wish it comes in a slightly darker shade though but it works for me as is. The shade is best for medium to light-medium skin with yellow undertones.
  • The coverage is sheer, but it evens out my skin nicely and hides lighter blemishes. It basically lets my skin shine through while concealing minor imperfections.

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