Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione Lotion with Marula

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know what's hot from Avon! Their featured product is the Skin So Soft Glutathione Lotion with Marula (P179 on promo price). It promises to smoothen and whiten your skin overtime. Now while whitening is not my cup of tea and I doubt that the glutathione in this lotion is actually enough to turn you into a blindingly fair goddess, I do love the Skin So Soft lotions. They always smell good and they make my skin feel so nice. I've been a user for years!

This SSS variant contains Marula, a "super" oil from Africa that is supposed to be more powerful than argan oil. It's supposed to contain anti-oxidants to keep skin looking fresh and oh-so-soft. I'm not sure how high the concentration is, but the lotion (as with all SSS lotions) does a good job of moisturising my skin without feeling greasy or heavy.

This has a strong scent that kinda sticks for a while, so be careful about using any extra or competing fragrance. It's a good scent - reminiscent of jasmine, with powdery notes. It's not the most sophisticated body lotion scent out there but it's fine. It all comes down to preference in any case.

The SSS Glutathione also has SPF15 which is neat, but not nearly enough for this weather. Either you re-apply this every three hours, or layer a higher SPF cream on top.

Overall, I find the Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione Lotion with Marula worth checking out if you're a fan of Avon body lotions. ^_^  If you're interested in the latest Avon products, you can actually visit their brochure here. You can also follow their Facebook page and Instagram (@avonph) for updates.