Cheap finds: Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liner

It's always more challenging to blog when you're thinking about 50,000 different things. It's even more difficult when your routine is disrupted. It's almost a pain to attempt it when you've just read things on Facebook that sound like they're questioning your credibility. But the show must go on, and you need to stick to the plan. Beyond passion, beyond the vision that you have for yourself, you must have the endurance to stay steady. 

That's the secret. ;)

Soooo anyway today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on the Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liner (P399) in comparison with the regular HyperSharp Liner (P379), which I have reviewed before. The Wing liner promises to create that perfect flick or cat eye as it features a longer brush that tapers to a finer point versus the original. You know what? It does work pretty well, and with a kickass long-lasting formula too!

As with the original HyperSharp liner, the Wing liner barely smudges on me, and does not crumble into flakes during the day. I wore it yesterday for eight hours and there was just barely noticeable smearing! As for pigmentation, it's not as instantly black as I would like, but a bit of layering solves that quite easily. It has a shiny finish which I just feel ambivalent about.

Above is the comparison the brushes of the two Maybelline liquid liners. You'll see that the Wing has a fatter base and a slightly longer length, while the regular has a smaller, shorter brush. You can certainly create a good winged eye with it but the Wing does the job quicker due to the specially designed brush. I've observed that it's a lot easier to maneuver around the corner of the eyes! It's also easier to fill in a fat line.

The formula and pigmentation are about the same. Here I am wearing the Maybelline Wing liner:

Nice eh? I love myself a good winged line if you've noticed! I do wish that this was more intensely black but as it goes, P399 ain't a bad price for an easy-to-use, long-wearing liquid liner. I highly recommend the Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liner if you love a daring flick. If you prefer a line that is more rounded, thinner, and hugs the lashes closer, go for the original one. ^_^

Hope this helps! Have you tried these liners? How did they work for you?