The Project Vanity Top 10 Must-haves

It's Christmas tomorrow! For me, this is the time to re-evaluate the things I've done in the past year as well as the things I plan to do next year. It's also time to look back on the beauty/fashion items that I loved best. Here's my top ten last year. Curious about what made it this year?

Presenting, the Project Vanity Top 10 - the best in beauty and fashion that I've come across this year! Warning: excessive raving up ahead!

1. Clinique Moisture Surge

This baby does wonders for my skin. I've raved about it several times here! Definitely the best moisturizer I've come across.

2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Feels and looks like second skin - only more perfect! I can NOT stop talking about this.

3. Levi's Curve ID Jeans

These jeans promise the perfect fit and it delivers. You will never have to buy another pair of jeans again once you wear these, I bet. ;)

IMG_1051 by project_vanity.

4. Sebago Docksides

These are possibly the comfiest, most stylish casual shoes I've ever owned. I can say with confidence that I've worn my Docksides more than any other pair I've owned! They're that versatile and convenient.

5. Aquafina Lip Balm

6. DKNY Be Delicious

This is hands-down my favorite perfume. And believe me, I've tried quite a number this year! It's the perfect sweet floral scent for me, and best yet, it stays on all day. Swear.

7. NYX Round Lipsticks (also check this link)

Extremely cheap at only P160 a tube, the NYX RLS is creamy and highly pigmented. It also comes in hundreds of gorgeous colors! They're made for hoarding, I tell you. Just don't expect too much about it lasting long on your lips and you'll be on your way to loving this.

8. Liberte

Liberte is an old brand, but I really love how they have kept up with the times. The brand seriously deserves more love and exposure because of the gorgeous yet utterly wearable and affordable clothes in its selection. 

9. Pond's White Beauty Activated Carbon Facial Foam and Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser

Okay okay, these are two products, but I can't NOT mention one without mentioning the other. These are cheap, drugstore facial washes that are staples in my bathroom. They cleanse the face well, and even help with oil control. Can't complain since they only cost, what, less than P150 for the full-sized tube? Definitely winners!

10. Posh Pocket Shoes

These folding yet stylish ballet flats have saved me from a LOT of foot trouble ever since I got them. They're indispensable, if, like me, you love wearing heels.