My one true love

I want to take a break from writing about expensive beauty products, but whenever I check my photo albums, I can't seem to find a cheap beauty product that I've both A.)taken a photo of and B.)tried for at least a week. I don't review anything without good photos and actually trying it for some time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a brand snob. In my perfect world, all the great rave-worthy stuff will come from Ever Bilena or Fanny Serrano. In my perfect world all the good things will be P500 or less. But I find that's rarely the case.

Now, one of the best products I've come across this year is the Clinique Moisture Surge. This is one beautifier that I really swear by! It's my constant companion whenever my skin is crap (which is often lol) since this gel moisturizer instantly smoothens, calms, and brightens it, however bad the condition is.

Smooth and creamy without the oiliness

Allow me to run through why I love this product, aside from the reasons I posted last July:


  • Perfect moisturizer for oily skin in the hot and humid Philippine weather
  • Great makeup base
  • Great lip balm. I also apply some of my lips when I smooth it over my face. No taste or scent!


The ~P2,500 price tag is not a joke, but a little goes a long way. The full-sized jar is 50ml. I've been using my tiny sample jar since July, and I still have a goodly amount left.

Love, love, love. This is definitely one product I can't live without! Speaking of which, I should probably post my updated skincare routine no? It's quite different from the one I posted a few months back!

Will keep you updated.