My skincare routine

My skincare routine is not only basic, but relatively cheap. I wanted it to be quick without ignoring my skin's needs. The products have to be affordable too, since I use them for maintenance - I should never run out.

Everyday I follow the most basic skincare routine: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I use additional products when the situation calls for it, such as eye cream, SPF tinted moisturizer, or makeup remover.

So now, presenting my skincare basics! This is everything I use to take care of my face.

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RDL Placenta Soap

I've been using this product for more than three years now. It's super cheap at only ~P50 per bar, one bar lasting me for about 3-4 months of twice-a-day usage. Awesome right?

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It keeps my combination skin clear from pimples and has a lightening effect. This is is not the best facial soap out there, however. It dries my skin and doesn't stop my pre-period breakouts completely. Nonetheless, in my rare skincare exploits, this is the best soap for me that I've found so far.


Burt's Bees Toner

I've been using this product since 2008. It's a bit costly at P800, but one one huge bottle last me for at least 3 months of use so it's sulit. I love it! This is one product I simply cannot live without. It keeps my skin clear, toned and smooth, erases my blemishes and dries my pimples. It might not work as well for others, but for me, this is Holy Grail. I think I’m already on my fourth bottle this year!


Pond's White Beauty Cream

It's such a steal at only P100- something pesos. It really brightens and lightens my skin, plus I never ever break out. My skin just drinks it in. My full review here!

I wish it has SPF though. I know other Pond's products have SPF, but I find that Pond's lotions that are creamy instead of moussey (the cream I use is moussey) don't work too well on my skin. They're greasy and don't absorb well.

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A word of caution though: Pond's doesn't work for everyone. Friends have told me that they break out heavily with the brand's products. I think it really depends on your skin type; you're lucky if Pond's work on you because it means you only need cheap skincare in your lifetime! Lol.


Shiseido Tinted Moisture Protection and Etude House Magic Cream

I use these products for the SPF, usually only when I go out of the house. Both have fairly good coverage for tinted moisturizers, therefore acting as effective makeup bases. Reviews for Shiseido here and Etude here.


Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream

I only use this product when my eyes are puffy of when the good 'ol bags are bad. I only dab a bit and wait for it to absorb. It's a heavy, concentrated cream, which is why you only need a little for it to take effect.

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Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

Sadly, this product has been phased out, but I am hoarding from a secret location that still sells it. I have two unopened boxes; I plan to get all of the remaining boxes in the store! Nice price at P360 per big bottle.

This is a great product because it removes my makeup quickly, feels light, and has this great cooling effect on my skin. My full review here.


Done sharing! How about you? What is your absolute skincare routine?