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What happened when I religiously followed a Kiehl's skincare regimen for 28 days

I recently went on a trip abroad, and while my skin was totally fine during my travels, all hell broke loose when I arrived back in Manila. My skin suddenly became a flaky mess after days of cold and airplane conditions, and my period arrived and brought hormonal acne with it. I routinely get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), so my skin pretty much went from flat and somewhat even-toned, to dry and dotted. Nice one.

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The eight steps to starting AND committing to a skincare routine

Picture this: You’re getting un-ready after a horribly hectic day of rushing deadlines, running on coffee, fast food, and three hours of sleep. You change out of your clothes and pass out on your bed. No ceremonies, no frills - understandable after a rough day! The next morning though, you wake up to find makeup on your pillowcase and new pimples on your face. It’s a sucky start to what already feels like another sucky day, but it could have been avoided with just a bit of self-care.

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A Beginner's Guide To Skincare: The four basic steps to good skin

Skincare can be a bit daunting with all this talk about 10-step routines, but the truth is no one ever starts with 10 steps. A good routine starts with only a handful of products and the most basic of steps until you work your way up to figuring out your skin's individual needs. Only then do skin-specific steps like serums, ampoules, and acids come in.

It helps to figure out your skin type first. The four basic skin types that pertain to sebum production are normal, dry, oily, and combination.

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Six ways to practice safe skincare and avoid the pitfalls of trying new products

I used to have a nonchalant attitude towards buying makeup and skincare. I didn’t care much about what’s in a product so long as people talked about it. I’d buy something on sale because it’s from a known brand and it looked pretty, and worse, I tried anything that the Internet said would work on my acne-prone skin. I DIY-ed the heck out of treatments that more often than not worked horribly. All this because I didn’t make time to talk to my skin and ask “What do you need?”

At that time, it seemed silly but doing so could’ve saved me my money and my skin. Makeup and skincare, I realized, does not carry the “one size fits all” tag.

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My current skincare routine (last half of 2013)

This year has been good to me, skincare-wise. I've discovered a lot of new, amazing things that really helped my skin be its best possible version. I still break out every once in a while due to new cosmetics; that's just part and parcel of the job I guess!


One of the readers asked me why I just don't go to the derma to fix the blemishes and occasional acne. It's because I already know what works - if I just stick to it, then I'll be fine. But testing out new foundations and creams, even though I screen them beforehand, is necessary if I am to properly review them. It's risky yes but it needs to be done.

Anyway! Here's my current skincare routine. My core skincare as you know is the Shiseido Ibuki line - I can't say enough just how awesome this stuff is. Seriously. Not sponsored. No agenda. The facial wash, softener, and refining moisturizer works SO well on my skin! 

Cleansing Skincare. I've tried a hoarde of products from various brands, but for cleansing, no other country does it better than Japan. It's probably because the Japanese have a better appreciation of Asian skin than Westerners in general - I don't know! But I tell you, Japanese skincare is the best at clearing off makeup, lessening oil, and preventing blackheads.

My favorite makeup remover is Bifesta, specifically the Moist variant. It's not as drying at the Sebum one (blue bottle). For waterproof mascara, I prefer to use the Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Remover. This is crazy expensive, for a makeup remover that is, but it's gentle and doesn't irritate my eyes and lips.

As you know I love the Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser to bits. I'd probably bite you if you try to take it away. Then there is the Cure Natural Aqua Gel, which is the BEST exfoliator for me. I don't have to worry about blackheads because of this! Check out how economical it is. I haven't opened a new bottle since April, and I never fail to use this at least once a week. 

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Current skincare routine

I'm in an unusual position of being able to experience a huge number of products on a regular basis. I don't try ALL the skincare I get - I usually check reviews online, and if they're good then I test the product for a week. If they suit me then I use it up. If, in that time period I haven't found something better, then I repurchase it. If not then I use up the new product, and the cycle repeats itself.

There are products I repurchase but you can see how it depends on several factors. What does my skin need at the moment? Did I recently receive something that can be a good or even better substitute? That's a beauty blogger problem, haha. That's why my current skincare routine is radically different from the one I posted seven months ago.

My skin right now! Not wearing foundation, just an awesome SPF base, concealer on the few blemishes remaining (none on eyebags), and sheer pressed powder to set.

Before I go into the nitty gritty I want to explain what's awesome about this routine. It's best for sensitive oily-combination skin, with a focus against dullness and blemishes.

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My current skincare routine

A lot of people think I just go around using new face skincare products all the time. I don't! Haha. When I find something I love, I stick to it like a barnacle. Occasionally I like something new enough for me to use it regularly, but after a while, for some reason or other, I find myself going back to my core skincare products. 

So! Let's start. I've known myself to be combination-oily ever since my teens, but in the past couple of months, I find that my skin gets dry and irritated often. When that happens I take a break from my Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (Oily Skin Formula) and just use the ultra-mild Sebamed Face and Body Wash. Then I use a thicker layer of the Clinique Moisture Surge.

Sometimes, when I'm really lazy and dry, I use the Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil as an all-in-one facial wash and moisturizer. Seriously! After removing my makeup with the same oil, I use another layer and rinse it as a normal (but non-foamy) facial wash. Then I don't use anything afterwards. When I wake up in the morning, my face is kind of oily but glowing. I don't know but I feel that the Shu restores my skin's moisture balance.

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