Sigma Miss Taylor brush

There are quite a lot of retractable kabuki brushes out there, but many of them sacrifice the quality of the brush itself for the convenience of portability. This is not the case with Sigma's version of the flat top kabuki named Miss Taylor! The brush has the same quality as the Charm Luxe Flat Top Kabuki brush so I won't go into a detailed review anymore; just click the link.

To summarize: the Sigma Miss Taylor brush is soft, dense, and spreads liquid/cream/powder foundation and blushes like a dream. If you've always wished for a flat top kabuki that you can travel with and use on-the-go, this brush is just the thing you need. The metallic purple color is a cute add-on! It's an eye-catching accessory when you whip it out to retouch your makeup.

I recommend you use this for retouching instead of sponges since it won't disturb the makeup you already have on. 

You can find this brush (as well as other Sigma individual brushes and sets) at the Pink Slippers Boutique. It's quite pricey at P1,550, but I think the price is okay since the reseller paid for shipping and handling all the way from the US. Sigma brushes are popular on international beauty blogs because they are designed to be dupes of expensive MAC brushes; the quality is claimed to be similar to those of MAC's.


This is a good brush to have in your arsenal if you're always on the go. It's multipurpose since you can use it to apply liquid, cream, or powder makeup so I'd say the cost is justified. However, if you don't mind giving up convenience and can live without a retractable flat top brush, then pick the full-sized Charm one since it's cheaper at P600.


I can vouch for the quality of this brush. I will definitely bring this on my next trip, or when I need to apply makeup somewhere else other than my house. I'm big on convenience when traveling!