My search for the perfect Sebago Docksides

I have never heard of Sebago shoes until the uber stylish Rosanna (of Little Miss Dress Up) blogged about it. Who knew that boating shoes could look so chic! Sebago has been around since 1946, first selling hand-sewn penny loafers, then moving onto authentic boating shoes for the enthusiasts of the sport. 

IMG_0984 by project_vanity.

Think it's not for you? Think again. Boating shoes have now become a fashion staple under the dressy preppy category - the actual nautical shenanigans aside. Sebago happens to have the icon in that style department since the 1970's called the Docksides.

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Since their very first time out of the shoebox and onto a boat, Docksides have been beloved by sailors everywhere. Appreciated for their handsewn genuine moc construction that wraps the foot in a single piece of form-fitting leather, delivering seamless comfort and hardwearing durability. As well as for their slip-resistant, non-marking rubber soles that offer sure-footed security, the functional rawhide laces, and their non-corrosive brass eyelets that help them look as good as they wear.

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The iconic Docksides will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The kind folks from Sebago asked me to pick my very own! I was very delighted, to say the least. I fancy my personal style to be on the preppy spectrum when I dress casually which is why the Docksides are right up my fashion alley.

IMG_0968 by project_vanity.

I initially wanted to get the two-toned silver ones, like Rosanna's, but I generally don't like knowing I have the same shoes as someone I know (not know as in know, if you get my drift!). Just a quirk, but there it is. These silver shoes are irresistible though!

IMG_0975 by project_vanity.

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What do you think? The shoes don't look much by itself, but they look great (and feel even greater) when worn. The leather inside is so soft and the arch is padded.

Putting away the silver with a sigh, I then tried on the really cute sea-blue Docksides:

IMG_0977 by project_vanity.

IMG_0978 by project_vanity.

Lovely. I didn't get these though! I will kill you with suspense by posting my final pick on Wednesday. I'll include a review and a couple of outfits to go with the shoes so watch out for that! In the meantime, get a load of the other designs for women available at the Sebago store in Megamall. It's located in Mega A, near BDO and Kultura. Docksides retail for P3,399.

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How do you feel about Sebago? Are these something you'll get? Answer in the comments!