A perfect fit with Levi's

It was one of those small, intimate events. I wouldn't even call it an event - it's more like a leisurely lunch with friends just talking about their lives. I really enjoy these types of product introduction more than the big, glitzy ones because I feel that the people behind the brand are more interested in bloggers and blogging, rather than just a quick way to get the word out about their products.

It started unconventionally. Beauty and fashion bloggers were greeted by this:

Glue, scissors, magazines, and cute scrapbooking materials

Goodness, I haven't touched glue in months. This is exactly my kind of thing, so I went on to work on the order of the day: to make a mood/inspiration board about what I believe in.

Et voila!

I believe, first and foremost, in beauty. I believe that every woman has it but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't work on it! My style is very girly so I'm all about florals, ruffles and frills, lace, occasional bright pops of color, and lots of subtle details. I love feeling like a woman and I love being well-groomed. So how does Levi's fit in all of this? 

Tag blurred out because the product isn't launched yet lol. But this is the pair I got. I'm a 26 tee hee.

When you see me in jeans, you know that I mean business. BUSINESS. Being girly is all well and good, but there are times when one just needs to shove it for practicality. I work from home and attend a lot of events, but in between that are toooons of errands I need to do for my condo like groceries, random stuff to coordinate, things for the household. I also shop weekly for Ukay Manila - I know you know that ukays are tough places to be in! Sometimes when I go to the office, I just go there to work and not look glammed up for nothing. These are the times I wear jeans.

The last few months, I've only been wearing my other pair of Levi's under the Modern Vintage Collection (trivia: I haven't bought a pair of jeans for like two years now). I absolutely love that pair! Which is why I'm happy that I got another pair in a darker wash and a different fit. It looks a lot more professional and streamlined - perfect for the office and for pairing with feminine tops. It will look great with heels too, should I decide to wear them to non-errands.

I wore the pair last Monday and loved how it fit my side. It's instantly two pounds off my thighs and ass! It only took one fitting to find this. How cool is that? They measured me (their new measuring system is actually pretty ingenious, wait till they explain it!) and then advised me to get this cut. It's that easy. I promise to post an outfit pic soon.

Anyways...wow, look at the time! I need to be in Rob Galleria by 1:30 PM! I'm going to Pampanga today for a shopping tour. This one I'm pretty excited about. Might wear my Levi's because when I shop, I also mean business! Hehe. I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, check out some food photos. We had this nice lunch at CAV, at Bonifacio High Street.

Not a fan of arugula

Pork, mashed potatoes, crisped parmesan

Vanilla ice cream in a flourless brownie. Yummy and really rich. Didn't finish it though!