My Nine West shoes and a contest

This is perhaps my bestest ever purchase ever! Yesterday I went to Robinson's Starmills in Pampanga on a shopping tour. Did you know that there's a lot of outlet stores in that mall which sell really cheap branded stuff? There are tons of amazing finds in that place (magic words: Mango Outlet)! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I will write about the trip in more detail soon.

I originally didn't intend to buy because I didn't need anything as of the moment - I'm stocked! But when I saw these shoes at a crazy cheap price, I just have to have them. They're not elaborate or wildly trendy at the moment, but I love the classic simplicity plus the fact that they make my feet look sexy. These are shoes I can wear forever with anything!

Gratuitous shoe photos shall follow lol.

I'm imagining these with my Little Black Dresses and cuffed pants. They're comfortable! The straps are soft and the arch is stable even with the stiletto heels. So that's why Nine West shoes are expensive no? You really pay for quality.

So I'm sure you're curious - how much did I pay for these shoes? Well now that's the thing! I won't tell you! You tell me. This is the original price of the Nine West pair:

If you can guess how much I got it for, I'll give you a fun prize!

Brand new and unopened Nikki Gil, KC Concepcion, and Christian Bautista CDs. May not be your type, but you may know someone who likes these! At least they're good Christmas gifts hihi.

Myra Vitaglow (pick your shade: Ivory or Beige), Rexona Naturals, Olay Fresh Reviving

...and a cute Mango phone charm!

The mechanics are simple. Just leave a comment telling me what your guess is. Up your chances by blogging about your guess (if other people get it right, I'll pick the best out of all your posts). That's it!

Contest ends in a week - August 13. Good luck!


PS If I told you the price or if you were with me on the shopping tour, you can't join lol.

PSS Only one guess per person. If no one gets the exact price, the guess closest to the price wins! If a lot of people got the right answer, I'll pick the best answer.