Myra Vitaglow tinted moisturizer

When I wrote that there is no good drugstore moisturizer, my readers were quick to correct me. The folks behind Myra (Innovitelle, under Unilab) generously sent me a pack of Myra products, of course not forgetting to include the intriguing Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer!

I've been using the product for a week, and surprisingly, it's good! It's super cheap at only P135 (hardly more than a one-way cab fare or a cup of overpriced coffee), but the best thing is that it delivers well in terms of feel, texture, and coverage.

There are only two shades: Beige and Ivory. Beige is more for morena skin with, well, beige undertones, while Ivory is for fairer skin with yellow tones. I can actually use both shades since they blend in with my skintone (light-medium, NC30-35), but my preference is Ivory. I made a video on how I apply Ivory, so you can see how it improves my complexion nicely.

Why I like this

  • Good coverage. It won't cover blemishes or eyebags, but it does a great job of evening out my skin.
  • Feels light. The texture is kind of watery, which I prefer versus oily liquid makeup.
  • Dries and absorbs fast. You have to work quickly with your fingers though, to make sure that your application is even.
  • Cheap! P135 for a product like this is a steal.

Ivory and Beige

What I don't like

  • So-so staying power. Three, four hours tops, before this melts on you if you just wear it by itself. I suggest you use foundation on top of it if you plan to wear it the whole day (thus using it as a primer/ base).
  • Has silver glitters. They're not that obvious, but it would be great if they can work on putting in shimmers instead of glitters to deliver an even, fine "glow".



If you're on a budget, I highly recommend the Myra Vitaglow. The best TMs are quite expensive, in fact, so expensive that their price is more than higher-end foundations. The Vitaglow is perhaps the best drugstore alternative out there! I gladly eat my words about that.

Before I go, I'd like to tell you about another good find: the Myra face powder. I like it because it reminds me of the MAC Blotting Powder in terms of texture and coverage, which is translucent. I prefer translucent blotting powder because I don't want my face makeup ruined by added color in the middle of the day.

I like using this to top the Vitaglow because of the smooth finish I get. Check out the photos!

Just the Vitaglow

Face powder (you can see that my face is matte now) + NYX Tea Rose

Another Myra product I'm using is their cherry lip balm. That one's also nice. I love it when brands like Myra give us girls a huge bang for our bucks!


PS I'm not paid to review Myra stuff. Lol I wish I was. Kidding. Thanks Marian and Innovitelle for giving me a chance to try Myra for the first time!

PSS I don't like doing videos where I talk because I talk stupid in front of any camera. So yes that explains the bad grammar.