Reader Questions

Hi Ms Liz!

Where can I buy affordable but good quality tinted moisturizer? Im not exactly the kikay type but I do take the time to wear even just a little makeup when I go out. Right now, I use Mary Kay liquid foundation even during the daytime (I know it's a NO NO but Im not satisfied unless I get a really even complexion even if I already have blemish-free skin. Im that insecure). I only apply tiny dots all over my face before I spread it. Problem is, even if I only use little, there are still some "flakes" near my hairline and chin area which I have to tediously brush away. Is this normal? This prompted me to give tinted moisturizers a try. Maybe you have cheap but good ones in mind?

Also, how do I get rid of my dark undereye circles? People either think Im insomniac or a junkie! But I do sleep as early as 9pm during workdays and I've never actually seen, much less use, "shabu". So far Ive tried Mary Kay and Garnier eye roll-ons but to no avail. Do you have an effective but affordable recommendation? 


Hi Weng! If there is flaking when you apply foundation, it could mean one of two things: your foundation sucks, or you have very dry skin. The first step to fixing the latter is to get properly hydrated - drink lotsa water! Then pick a heavy moisturizer that's especially designed for dry skin (if you don't have one already, that is). Unfortunately I can't suggest anything as I have oily-combination skin. You should visit Nikki's blog since she has dry skin and has a lot of recommendations.

Tinted moisturizers...if by cheap you mean less than P500, I can't help you with that. The cheap drugstore ones like Nivea, Skinwhite, and Maxipeel feels like cheap crushed face powder mixed with body lotion. Well that may be a little OA, but yes, I hate the texture and the feel. You're better off investing in higher-priced TMs. To start off, the Etude House Magic BB Cream is really nice. Only P598, too.

The Balm (available in Beauty Bar) has nice TMs with SPF. I haven't bought one, but in my swatches, the texture is really nice plus it offers good coverage. I think they cost P975.

Other TMs below P2,000 to try: Shiseido Tinted Moisture (P1,600+), Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream (P1,780) and the Detox Healing BB Cream (P1,940).

Regarding your eyebag problem - I can totally relate! I sleep early and a lot, but my eyebags are still there. I think it's a gene thing. The best thing we can do is lessen the appearance and use makeup to cover it up. For treating bags, here are some tips to do it naturally courtesy of Kira. You can also use eye creams. Mara has written about the best eye creams to try.

IMG_9669 by project_vanity.

Right now I'm trying out Eyeliplex-2. I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my bags, BUT it is not dramatic. I reckon it takes a month or two before it kicks in. This gel/cream combo is pretty expensive at P2,600 but good eye creams in general tend to be pricey since they're very concentrated.


Hi Ms. Liz! Because of you I bought a Dollface 32 lip color from Ms. Pearl :) I love it but I think there are colors that aren't wearable. I just want to ask you if you've already finished the palette? Are you using the lipsticks at the left and upper side? Some colors are too waxy and glittery and too light for me. If you are using them please give me some tips or make a blog of how you use these colors. 


Hi Danielle! Thanks for the trust. ^_^ To be honest, I haven't finished the whole palette - I have received a lot of new lip products to try so I haven't been giving my 32-color palette its much-deserved love.

I do think that the top colors are designed to be lipstick toppers and glosses; at the very least, they're good to use for mixing with the other colors. I saw a video in YouTube some months ago (forgot the link) showing how to maximize palettes like this. What the user did was to scoop out some of the colors into a plastic palette (like the one used for watercolors and oil paints) and mix them together. She also added some clear lipgloss to improve the texture of the lippies. You can store your new colors in clear plastic jars being sold on Watsons for less than P50. Explore and experiment!

You can also use a palette like this for mixing and storing new colors

If you want to use the colors on the left side as they are, here are some looks you can try:

Sunkissed beach goddess

Fierce peachy nude

Fresh gold and bronze


To the readers - do you have any tips for Weng and Danielle? It would be great if you can help them out as well. Let us know in the comments!