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Concealer concentrate: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

The Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (P1,200/5ml at Stuff in Style) has completely done away with modesty and went straight to being blunt. "The world's best concealer", it says on the box. That's quite a hefty claim! It's a tiny tube of concentrated concealer that's so pigmented, you must use it with a pencil eyeliner brush. It's also incredibly pigmented so you can cover pretty much anything.

I heard about this concealer when beauty bloggers abroad started raving about it. I didn't know it was even available in the Philippines, so it's a nice surprise to know that Stuff in Style carries it.

Here's my review and demo!

What I love about the product

  • Covers all manner of dark marks and imperfections, including eyebags. It's pigmented and opaque. You only need a small dot to cover everything. Yes including dark circles.
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Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream

Good Monday morning! Thought I'd start the week with a skincare review. It's something I've been using consistently since late May, so I thought it's about time to blog it with conviction. :P 

The Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream (P1,800) is a brightening eye cream that promises to fade dark circles and smoothen lines. It's an extremely lightweight product that gets absorbed on skin without leaving any greasy residue. It doesn't have any fancy star ingredients that are only called in letters and numbers; what it does have is extracts of linseed, almond, wheat, oat, apple, and plankton.

What I love about the product

  • It's incredibly light. It almost melts upon contact with skin, making it easy to massage evenly on lids and under eyes. 
  • Moisturizing even if the cream isn't heavy at all. In four months I've used it, I've noticed that the skin under my eyes has become more supple, elastic, and the lines, smoother.  
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K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer

Whoever formulates and makes K-Palette cosmetics should get a medal. Seriously. All their products are amazing! Well the ones I've tried so far that is. Remember their Real Lasting Eyeliner? The Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow pen? These are staples for me!

It's no surprise that ended up loving their under-eye makeup as well. The K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (P895) is a heavy coverage, heavy duty concealer that can zap the darkest eye bags. It comes in three variants, three shades with different skincare and color-correcting purposes. You can also use them for skin discoloration and blemishes!

Here are my thoughts on this gem of a concealer. 

What I love about the product

  • Coverage is opaque yet very smooth - perfect for really dark eye bags. It looks like skin when blended properly; no cakiness here.
  • It is water and oil-resistant. You can cry with this and it won't budge. It's also great for girls with oily under-eyes.
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Reader Questions

Hi Ms Liz!

Where can I buy affordable but good quality tinted moisturizer? Im not exactly the kikay type but I do take the time to wear even just a little makeup when I go out. Right now, I use Mary Kay liquid foundation even during the daytime (I know it's a NO NO but Im not satisfied unless I get a really even complexion even if I already have blemish-free skin. Im that insecure). I only apply tiny dots all over my face before I spread it. Problem is, even if I only use little, there are still some "flakes" near my hairline and chin area which I have to tediously brush away. Is this normal? This prompted me to give tinted moisturizers a try. Maybe you have cheap but good ones in mind?

Also, how do I get rid of my dark undereye circles? People either think Im insomniac or a junkie! But I do sleep as early as 9pm during workdays and I've never actually seen, much less use, "shabu". So far Ive tried Mary Kay and Garnier eye roll-ons but to no avail. Do you have an effective but affordable recommendation? 


Hi Weng! If there is flaking when you apply foundation, it could mean one of two things: your foundation sucks, or you have very dry skin. The first step to fixing the latter is to get properly hydrated - drink lotsa water! Then pick a heavy moisturizer that's especially designed for dry skin (if you don't have one already, that is). Unfortunately I can't suggest anything as I have oily-combination skin. You should visit Nikki's blog since she has dry skin and has a lot of recommendations.

Tinted moisturizers...if by cheap you mean less than P500, I can't help you with that. The cheap drugstore ones like Nivea, Skinwhite, and Maxipeel feels like cheap crushed face powder mixed with body lotion. Well that may be a little OA, but yes, I hate the texture and the feel. You're better off investing in higher-priced TMs. To start off, the Etude House Magic BB Cream is really nice. Only P598, too.

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