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Lipstick Week: Japonesque 35-Well PRO Lipstick Palette

You're not a true-blue lipstick junkie unless you have the Japonesque 35-Well PRO Lipstick Palette (P1,450 at Digital Traincase). Okay, okay, I'm only half-kidding, but you have to admit that this is such a cool thing to have. Even Lisa Eldridge keeps a few of these! 

So what is it, really? It's a classy black box that has space for 35 lipsticks. It can also be used to store cream foundation if you wish, which makes it incredibly useful if you're a makeup artist. The case and mold is made of a thin, lightweight plastic, and is closed by a silver clasp.

I spent a whole morning selecting and depotting the 35 lipsticks that I wanted to put in this baby. It was a fun activity, albeit rather messy in the end!

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Reader Questions

Hi Ms Liz!

Where can I buy affordable but good quality tinted moisturizer? Im not exactly the kikay type but I do take the time to wear even just a little makeup when I go out. Right now, I use Mary Kay liquid foundation even during the daytime (I know it's a NO NO but Im not satisfied unless I get a really even complexion even if I already have blemish-free skin. Im that insecure). I only apply tiny dots all over my face before I spread it. Problem is, even if I only use little, there are still some "flakes" near my hairline and chin area which I have to tediously brush away. Is this normal? This prompted me to give tinted moisturizers a try. Maybe you have cheap but good ones in mind?

Also, how do I get rid of my dark undereye circles? People either think Im insomniac or a junkie! But I do sleep as early as 9pm during workdays and I've never actually seen, much less use, "shabu". So far Ive tried Mary Kay and Garnier eye roll-ons but to no avail. Do you have an effective but affordable recommendation? 


Hi Weng! If there is flaking when you apply foundation, it could mean one of two things: your foundation sucks, or you have very dry skin. The first step to fixing the latter is to get properly hydrated - drink lotsa water! Then pick a heavy moisturizer that's especially designed for dry skin (if you don't have one already, that is). Unfortunately I can't suggest anything as I have oily-combination skin. You should visit Nikki's blog since she has dry skin and has a lot of recommendations.

Tinted moisturizers...if by cheap you mean less than P500, I can't help you with that. The cheap drugstore ones like Nivea, Skinwhite, and Maxipeel feels like cheap crushed face powder mixed with body lotion. Well that may be a little OA, but yes, I hate the texture and the feel. You're better off investing in higher-priced TMs. To start off, the Etude House Magic BB Cream is really nice. Only P598, too.

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