Something cool from Havaianas

When I got this, there were question marks popping over my head. What is it? Is it a card holder? A purse? A pocket mirror?

I loooove the cool turquoise color. It looks sky blue in the photo, but for some reason my camera won't pick up its real color. The case snaps open with the press of a button to reveal...

A grooming kit!

Don't you think it's neat? Lol. Everything looks so orderly and shiny. I don't actually want to use this for fear of disturbing its soothing perfection haha. It's like a souvenir you don't want to touch.

Who knew Havaianas would make something like this? Random question of the day. Anyway join my guessing contest for a chance to win some cool stuff. Also I'm really hyper today for some reason, so I've been Tweeting a lot. Follow me! I usually put previews of blog stuff there. :P