Olay Body Bars

The kind folks behind Olay sent me these soaps, oh, almost a month ago! With so many things to blog, I have half-forgotten to write about these. That's ironic since I've been using them for a month now.

There are three variants: the Ultra Moisture, Age Defying, and Fresh Reviving. My personal favorite is the Ultra Moisture. It's so creamy that I just rub it on my loofah and then proceed to spread it around just like liquid body wash. Yeah, I'm too lazy to use soap as one normally would! The Ultra Moisture is highly rated at Total Beauty, scoring 9 out of 10.

Olay Body soaps are pretty basic and best for everyday use. I can't validate the claim of one of the soaps as "Age Defying", but the Ultra Moisture is definitely moisturizing. I often skip applying lotion afterwards since I feel that my skin is properly hydrated with just the soap. If you have used Dove cream soaps, Ultra Moisture is very similar to those.

There are differences though. Olay soaps are harder and melts less easily than Dove ones, since Dove soaps are extremely creamy. In terms of smell, Olay has a mild flowery scent compared to Dove's lemongrass and cucumber scent, as Mara mentioned in the comments.

I don't have pricing info with me, but if you know, please do share! Have you tried these Olay soaps? What's your verdict?