The Levi's® Modern Vintage Collection Launch

Vintage on contemporary - this says all there is to say about Levi’s® latest offerings. With luxurious detailing, the Modern Vintage collection features premium rustic fabrics and vintage finishing techniques presented as modern jeans. The new collection exudes individualism and sexiness, the very personality of Levi’s®

Levi's Philippines launched their Modern Vintage Collection last night to a group of bloggers and traditional media writers. The event was intimate and relaxed, featuring a short fashion show, delightful canapes from Delifrance, and a "shopping trip" to a room full of Levi's latest jeans.

I'm not a huge fan of jeans because I thought that once you have one, you have all of them. I've been living on only two pairs of jeans for the past year since I have an abundant supply of skirts and dresses in my closet. Once I got to see how well these jeans fit the models though, I got excited to wear them myself.

The new collection has three styles for women: the Slim Boyfriend Fit (boyfriend jeans, basically, hanging low on the waist and hugging the hips while being loose at the legs), Slim Straight Elise (slim, straight-cut dark denim jeans), Slim Patty Anne Fit (slim, straight-cut blue denim jeans).

For men, Levi's presents the Boot Cut, Regular Straight Fit, Slim Straight, and Slim Straight Fit. The names are pretty self-explanatory so I'm sure you get the idea.


 All in all, it was a fun night spent with friends. Lauren, Helga, and Osmond were there so it was never boring. Can't wait to see what Levi's has got in store for everyone in the coming months! In the meantime, stay tuned for my review and outfit photos of my very own Slim Patty Anne Fit.

Carl from Thinline

Posing with the jeans rack. Lol.