POSH Pocket Shoes

Whenever I go out I run through all the places I have to go, at what time I need to be there, plus the things I have to bring. Then I wear shoes accordingly. If I'm going to the office, I need to hurry and bring my laptop so I wear flats. If I'm going to an event, I need to look glammed up and tall, so I pick heels! But wouldn't it be nice if you can wear both flats and heels whenever and wherever you want to?

That's the dream that POSH Pocket Shoes set out to realize.

POSH Pocket Shoes are exactly what they say they are - posh shoes in a pocket! It's the size of an average kikay kit or makeup bag and could fit comfortably into shoulder and hand bags. The shoes conveniently fold halfway, fitting in a black, zip-up purse which can be converted into a bag for your heels. Ingenious eh? Now you can just take off your heels anytime you feel uncomfortable since POSH shoes are lightweight, small, and thus easy to bring.

The shoes themselves are extremely comfortable. The soles are very cushy while the inside of the shoe is lined with what feels to be soft, faux suede. They retail for only P799.

This nude and black flats is one of POSH's latest (and varied) styles. It's classic and stylish but more importantly, it could match a lot of outfits. It doesn't mean that just because you took of your heels you need to look dowdy and mismatched in your flats!

Overall, I love the quality and style of the shoes themselves (is it obvious? Lol.) I love the thought that went into making them, too. I hope more Pinoy entrepreneurs think up of practical solutions like this! Yes, it's not a revolutionary new idea, but it's an idea executed right. 


So what do you think about pocket shoes? Answers in the comments!

PS - Detail of my outfit:

Dress with attached vest-thrifted/ Chain necklace from Landmark/ Shoes from eBay