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Tutorial: How to depot eyeshadows to create your own custom palette

These days, I’ve ditched wearing foundations in favor being able to do some eye makeup. I used to be obsessive about creating a perfect face base but my eyeshadow envy has finally gotten the better of me, which I think is a good change. It has given me the chance to finally play with the few palettes I have in my collection, and it’s been so much fun combining colors and doing different looks.

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Battle of the Kikay Kits

As you read this, I am on a plane to Tokyo. The place is probably the greatest love of my young life so far and I am eager to continue the romance where we left off last November! Flowery words. I hope there are still some cherry blossoms in the parks, because they're the main reason I planned this trip. I doubt I'll see more than a few wilted ones this late, but I don't mind - there's always next year!

Sooooo anyway I thought I'd share with you my favorite ever kikay kits. These pouches are with me when I travel because they're stylish, roomy but compact, and are specifically designed to fit makeup. Here they are and why I love them!


This Ellana Cosmetic Bag (P213) is my top pick because it's perfect. It fits a full face of makeup while still keeping the boxy shape, plus it has lots of compartments for the OC organizer in you. I brought this with me to Tokyo last autumn, and in recent months it has also double-timed as a pencil case. Haha. Stocks are already super limited though so better hurry if you want it. ;)


Next up, the new pouch from Happy Skin! I got this from their summer launch event, but you can actually purchase this for only P499 at Plains & Prints. If you don't want to buy it it's a GWP for every P3,500 Happy Skin purchase at Rustan's and Beauty Bar.


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Loaded up: Wild Peach Palette in Large

If you ask me, I would rather just blog all day. I have so many exciting new finds as well as some random musings to share, but today is tight! I need to direct the shoot for a new batch of drinks for Dakasi (one of my clients) today. You must try the drinks soon, they are delicious, promise! 

Anyways I don't have much time so I thought I'd do a show and tell for today. Recently, I managed to fill up my large Wild Peach Cosmetics Customizable Palette. I put in all the nice blushes and random eyeshadows I could bear to depot. It was difficult because many of these come in pretty packaging - however, if I don't put them in one place I'd forget I have them! It's such a waste otherwise.

Have a look! I have also linked the reviews I've done on these, in case you're interested. ;) 

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New digs (for my cosmetics)

Remember this mess from a couple of weeks ago? I finally fixed it! There was simply too much stuff that I was already losing them and forgetting what I need to use for the next reviews. -_- So, I bought this plastic drawer from SM for only P430+ and finally unclogged the top part of my dresser.

So from that awful jumble, my makeup storage area now looks like this! #proud

Hmm okay maybe it's not super neat but it's certainly neater! I wanted all my face and eye makeup on top because these are what I always use before I leave the house.

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Boudoir conclusion

Okay so remember my attempt at organizing my dresser? I thought it was okay to have everything generally grouped together and lying around in no particular order. Like I said, I'm not the kind of person who puts things back in place everytime they're used. But after living with my "organizing" efforts for a few days, I realized that it's a failure! I didn't know where my things were half the time. I forget the stuff that I actually have since a lot were buried underneath the ones I've been picking up of late.

Upon your suggestion, I decided to hit the mall for some cases and here's what I found:

These are stackable containers from the Mall of Asia department store. I'm sure they can also be found in places like Saizen, and, well, pretty much everywhere else. They're only P99 each so I got four. And now, my dresser, which looked like this:

Now looks like this!


I am rather proud of this achievement. :P It took me a couple of hours to weed out stuff that I won't use often so that everything will fit, then I arranged everything in place.

Here's how I did it!

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Boudoir dilemma

This morning I attempted to re-organize my dresser. "Attempted" is the operative word here. It still looks rather messy but as far as I'm concerned everything is where I want them to be. Hehe.

I just re-used some boxes but I will probably buy proper containers in the near future. Or not. I love the idea of recycling even if the end result doesn't look as pretty or as neat as new things. But I also love the idea of having clear storage boxes with sections. Ugh. I don't know! What do you think?

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Storage idea: Headband jar or bottle

Hi girls! I just want to share a neat idea I got off a craft blog. It's so mindblowingly simple that I should have thought of this sooner.

Ta dah! Basically, it's a way to store your headbands so you can see them all in one place, sitting pretty. You should use a jar if you have more headbands, but since this Starbucks bottle is what I have on hand...yeah.

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