Where to buy pretty storage for your makeup hoard

For true blue makeup enthusiasts, collecting (or hoarding) products comes with the challenge of storing and organizing them.

Every item has to be properly stored and prettily displayed while at the same time, neatly arranged from the most grabbed to the least. Depending on how OC you are, you may also want to arrange everything by category and by alphabet! Here's the ultimate guide on where to shop for makeup organizers.


Each mall has a department store section that sells everything from clothing and shoes to furniture and home accessories. There’s usually an organizer section where you can grab affordable plastic drawers and tray organizers. If you can find one of those see-through hanging organizers, that there is one space-saving option for storing makeup items!

But the best finds in department stores are the tables like the one Liz uses from Landmark. These are often very light and come in different sizes. The nifty weight and size fit in tight condo spaces well. Bonus points for doubling as a pretty Instagram background.


This place category includes well-known brands like Suesh, Muji, and Daiso. Suesh is the place to go when it comes to makeup tools and kits, and special mention goes to their vanity cases. They have a wide range of styles to choose from, including pro-quality ones with LED lights for the mirror and accordion trays for organizing your makeup staples.

Image via tamirajarrel.com

Image via tamirajarrel.com

Muji is famous for their minimalist aesthetic, and it shows in their products. You might want to check out their acrylic drawers and boxes, which are set apart from the competition with the clean lines. You’d notice from their product lineup that instead of protruding handles, they tend to use cutouts or indents as a means of opening the storage. You can see some of these in action from this video by ViviannaDoesMakeup.

Daiso and other similar Japan stores like Saizen, Japan Home Center, and P88 Store have a very affordable and wide range of organizers. They have trays and boxes, fabric and plastic baskets, and containers for every sort of knick-knack imaginable. You can also get the cutest vases, pots, mugs, and bowls to hold smaller items like eyeliner/eye shadow pots or bunches of our favorite pencil type makeup. Be sure to check them out from time to time for new products!


It may seem an odd location to find makeup organizers but you can definitely find some help in these stores. Cabinets, small tables, and drawers are some of the major finds, but you should be on the lookout for hooks and hanging wire baskets. The usual suspects for hardware stores include Ace Hardware, True Value, and DIY. For furniture stores, we’d recommend a visit to Dimensione and Furniture Source Philippines (for IKEA fans!).

Table napkin holders can be used to store palettes! This exact napkin holder can be found in the home section of SM / Image via makeuppix.com

Table napkin holders can be used to store palettes! This exact napkin holder can be found in the home section of SM / Image via makeuppix.com


The stuff you can find in bookstores are mainly for organizing office supplies like pens, notepads, clips, etc. The good news is you can use these for organizing makeup as well. Mail sorters are great for keeping your palettes neatly arranged, and pen holders keep your brushes within easy reach. If you drop by some of the bigger branches of National Bookstore, you can also find some drawers that will keep your stuff together. UK Vlogger Lily Pebbles uses a filing cabinet to store her huge collection of makeup for blogging.


If you’re looking for really cheap alternatives, drop by Divisoria where you can find similar acrylic organizers, boxes, and even train cases! Just make sure to inspect every item for quality and durability, especially if you plan to use it to carry your makeup around. You don't want your precious collection to end up smashed on the floor if the container suddenly fails.

The next two are not actual physical locations, but you can also source makeup storage solutions through these venues.


Most brands have an online shop in addition to an actual store like Suesh and Gladking Philippines who are both sellers of makeup tools and vanity cases. Other brands focus more on their online presence like BDJ, BeautyMNL and Sephora who offer makeup storage solutions on their websites. You can also check out Miss Bella Organizers for their extensive acrylic lineup.

Images via spot.ph

Images via spot.ph


Have you seen the gorgeous tables and chairs in Happy Skin stores and their HQ? Well, of course they would be a perfect fit, they’re bespoke or custom-made! When it comes to storing makeup for personal use or displaying them (if that’s your line of business) sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for anywhere. They have to be made specifically for your needs, hence the need for bespoke items.

One local dependable source is Heima, the company that made the Happy Skin furniture for their Glorietta boutique as well as their office headquarters. You can also check out FOCI Design Co. (which I am a part of as an architect) for your custom needs.

How do you store your makeup and beauty products? Do share your latest and greatest finds!